Adult sex stories tend to run the gamut from loving to lustful to downright fantastical!  I had one such run at CRAZY SEX while going through one of those Jurassic Park amusements.   Max and I had been dating for about a month when we went on vacation to Africa.  The first day was a safari just outside the resort where they intermingled live safari animals with the new dino attractions from the movies.

We rode along chatting superficially considering what was going to happen once we got back to the lodge.  The lions and tigers and zebras roamed cautiously eyeing our caravan the entire time.  We eyed them right back and I was personally glad the guides all packed high-powered machinery.  That left Max and me all the time in the world for relaxing and enjoying the view.  So, it was a little creepy when we rolled slowly through the dinosaur portion of the safari.  And, while there was technically no living animals in that section; it sure did feel like it.

I could feel the eyes checking us out, whether they were, or not.  The eyes on those things are bigger than my head!  So, I was a little reluctant to let Max feel me up like he always does in public.  The guides had their eyes on the trail and gun at the ready, so we knew that unless we attracted their attention, they weren’t likely to shift their gaze.   He felt up my naked thigh, paying special attention to the silky-soft inner thing area.

Adult Sex Stories make a SPLASH on SAFARI!

Max’s eyes never left the guides, so it was quite the testament to his hand skills that he found the edge of my shorts without a glitch.  I, however, didn’t have that same skill because when I felt his warm fingertip, I let out a moan.  The guide started to turn our way when Max moved in front of me saying, “She’s getting a little motion sickness.  Nothing to worry about.”  They turned back to their work watching for dangerous animals.  And what they DIDN’T know, was the baddest animal in the reserve was right there in the Jeep with them. Max!

He slid that same finger deeper into my wet bare cunt and began to twist.  I moaned again; but, that’s not all that caught my attention.  I saw it. Just from the corner of my eye.  And there it was again!  That HUGE robo-dinosaur about 200 feet away, MOVED!  Yes. I saw it!  I tried to yank Max’s hand from my box, but he wouldn’t let go.  Soon, I found out that it was because Max saw it move as well!

As soon as we started fucking it moved again, but this time we saw what was making it move was the HUGE erection the dino had.  Every time we stopped, his eyes flared with anger.  Hmmm.  Hump, Pump. Big cock and calm.  We stop and that thing is ready to charge us.  I don’t know which was more titillating on safari through Jurassic World, or the 2 huge cocks I was satisfying (Max and the dino).  My pussy is still wet from the sight of the T-Rex, squirting all over our caravan.

Adult Sex Stories bring LOADS of fun!

Max filled my pussy until I dripped all over the interior of the Jeep.  Seems that at some point, the guides did indeed beCUM distracted by our antics.  As a result, we took a turn through the jungle that involved me pleasing the guides and Max all over again.  Some now when I hear them say, Cum again…I know what they mean!

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