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Adult Sex Stories include a lot of subjects such as Anal Sex Stories.  But for today’s blog, I want to talk to all the wanna-be sissy’s.

Specifically, I want to talk to all you men that have the uncontrollable desire to experience a cock.  For example, do you have dreams of holding, sucking and fucking a cock?

Another sign you may be is sissy is your desire to shop for clothes.  Not men’s clothes, but girly, frilly, soft and lacy items.  Have you ever run your hands across a pair of stockings and wondered how it would feel on your legs?  Do you ever dream of your cock nestled in a pair of satin panties?  Maybe you would like to wear a corset?

Also, have you ever fantasized about being on your knees waiting to be ordered to suck a cock?

Then, after you imagine how it would feel to suck their big thick cock, do you start to enact your fantasy?

Do you ever insert things up your man pussy?

For instance, have you ever laid on your back, spread your legs and slid the handle of a hairbrush up your little boy pussy?  Maybe you got brave and took your wife’s dildo out of her nightstand and fondled it?

Let me assure you, nothing is wrong with these feelings and desires.   I play with Sissy’s all the time and think they are quite normal.

So, don’t hide in your room all alone.  Call, and Mistress Nicky will dress you up and play all night long.


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