Adult Sex Stories, Best Black Friday Sale Ever, He was the best DEAL!

Black Friday I got a better deal than I ever thought possible. There I was standing in line after line freezing for stupid deals. Was I crazy? Were all these thousands of people crazy as well? Did I really need new towels this desperately? All these questions plus so many more kept running through my head as I again waited for the store to open their doors.

The truth was I hated shopping Black Friday but it did save me so much money every year for Christmas. Therefore I continued to push and shove my way to gather my list of must-haves!

My feet were throbbing and my body was screaming for me to go straight home and soak in a hot bath. I was arguing with a woman about a karaoke machine insisting that my 7-year-old niece would love it so much more than her bratty 14 years old ever could when suddenly a strong hand lifted the machine out of our grasp. I looked up in the deep blue eyes and dark features of the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He was so tall and his grin so white.

I angrily demanded who he thought he was!

Excuse me ladies, but I want to ask you, is this machine really worth all the frustration? She insisted that it was hers and I was stealing it from her. He gave it to her wished her well and sent her on her way.

Exasperated I angrily demanded who he thought he was to meddle in? He grinned and pulled my arm easing me out of the crowd. Well, I had to do something to get you away from your shopping for a moment.

I looked confused I am sure. His smile grew larger I have seen you multiple times today and I would love to have your number. It dawned on me what he was doing. I felt like an idiot. So you cost me a karaoke machine to ask for my number. That is not the way to get it.

I turned away and he stopped me again by stepping in front of me with a machine firmly in his hands. This is yours if you agree to a date. I could not resist him and I really wanted that machine.

We met later that night and had a wonderful dinner. The night flew by and the chemistry between us was unbelievable.  As he was walking me to the door I kissed him. The kiss did not stop. Our tongues and hands were everywhere. We stumbled into the apartment in a passionate embrace. Our clothes were tossed along our path. We fell onto the bed his fingers stroking my pussy and my hand wrapped around his cock.

He drove me mad with his tongue!

As I stroked his hard throbbing dick his hand built a fire inside me. I felt like I would explode and just before I did he knelt between my legs tossing them over his shoulders and stroking my pussy with his tongue. Over and over he licked me with the flat of his tongue driving me mad.

As I cum hard soaking his face he lifted my ass up high and slammed his hard cock deep inside me. We fell into a tangled mess together. After only a few moments though his dick became hard again. I slid down between his legs and took his cock deep into my mouth.  I greedily swallowed all his cum.

Our night was spent cumming over and over again. Exploring every way in which we could make each other explode.

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