Adult sex stories can be anything that excites and arouses you.

Adult sex stories can be about anything, fantasies about naughty nuns, priests that should be defrocked or even seducing the choir are just a few of mine.

Think about it. The chaste nun, wife of God, to spend her entire life denying the yearnings her body feels. She is an almost non-sexual entity. Her body is still capable of all the things mine are. I am at my sexual peak, and that is one reason that the best phone sex is with me. So seducing a couple of the veiled virgins, turning them into cum sluts, eager to be used for sex is so deliciously naughty and erotic to me.

Getting a priest to break his vows of honor, getting him addicted to the taste and feel of pussy is just as erotic to me as a person not just as a phone sex operator.  turning him into a sexual freak willing to try anything. Teaching him how important it is to reveal in giving pleasure, to receiving pleasure. How incredible would it be to get any man addicted to pleasing me sexually? To have my body worshiped by a man that used to worship God.

Then there is the idea of turning the entire church choir into sexual deviants.  Having an orgy with the entire church choir, all the ages, all those body types of both genders, mine to play with and direct. That would make for some hot phone sex. I want to try everything sexual at least once to experience every pleasure my body can.

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