One of my favorite things is babysitting of my Adult Baby Boy while his mother is at work. He is Grandma Frankie’s sweet little angel. I just love his little precious face when he is making a mess in his diaper. Grunting and turning red, all while making a big, stinky mess for grandma to fix.

My adult baby boy regresses to 9 month old baby. Which allows me to be his caregiver while mommy is away. I love the time we get to spend together. He is grandma’s little baby boy, and loves to be cuddled and loved. The nurturer in me thrives on taking great care of my grandson.

I feed him only the best fruits, veggies and formula.

Grandma makes sure her boy is healthy and strong. Which in turn makes sure he has healthy doo-doo when he goes. With a balanced diet, his doo-doo is healthy and regular. Marty loves to make doo-doo’s for grandma too. His little face gets red as he grunts pushing out his poo. I make sure to tell him what big boy he is for grandma.

Giving me a giant toothless smile as he finishes his “business.” I get him a fresh diaper, the powder and wipes so I can change my stinky boy. He waddles close to me in his walker and I pull him out to get him changed. Marty is the sweetest boy ever, with his chubby little cheeks and sweet personality.

Grandma couldn’t ask for a better adult baby boy.

He coo’s at me as I lay him on the floor. Using the wipes, I lift up his small legs and clean up all his doo-doo, making sure his little bum is sparkling clean and fresh. It is also important to clean up around his tiny privates so there is no pee-pee residue on his dinky or little balls. When the cleaning is done, I use the powder to make sure my boy doesn’t get a diaper rash. Grandma never wants her precious boy to suffer from a rash.

Once I am done with the powder, I put a fresh diaper on my baby. He is cooing and trying his best to communicate his gratitude for my gentle care and love. I enjoy his baby babbling as he is trying so hard to form words. It isn’t necessary as this grandma knows her adult baby boy is happy and grateful. The time spent with Marty improves my fetish phone sex.

He is fresh, clean and ready to ramble in his walker.

Marty loves to work his way around the house in his walker. It allows me to clean and do daily tasks while he stays safe in that contraption. Laughing, he is chasing the cat as it tries to escape. My friend, Edith, is arriving for our tea time. Our time allows us to catch up on the weekly gossip in our tiny town.

Edith made and brought me one of her amazing cakes. Her baking skills are superb. While I get us plates and utensils she is entertaining Marty. He and Edith chatter away for hours trying to understand each other’s baby talk. Marty does huge belly laughs when Edith is talking to him. Maybe, he does understand that silly old lady. LOL.

I bring the cake and our plates.

As I walk into the room, a pungent odor is permeating the room. Smiling, I look at Marty and announce, “He made a new doo-doo for Grandma.” My precious boy sitting in his messed fresh diaper that I have to change it before we can enjoy the cake. I grab my kit of wipes, powder and a fresh diaper to get him changed.

As he waddles his walker over closer to me, I see this mess is a bigger deal as it squishes out at the bottom of his diaper. My sweet adult baby boy has really done a doo-doo this time for grandma! Furthermore, he is smiling ear to ear all proud of himself. Edith, missing her days as a grandma offers to do the changing. No worries I tell her, this is a gift to take care of my adult baby boy.

Grandma wants to be there for Marty in every way possible. That is part of why I did ABDL Fetish Chat, to help further explain this fetish and clarify misunderstandings.

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