Oral Sex: Hi, I’m Anna and I’m Addicted to what a dick DID

If oral sex was an Olympic sport, I’d be the gold medal champion. I Love everything about oral sex. Giving head, or receiving sweet pussy sucks. I Love EVERYTHING about sex in general, but when I get to show off my best ORAL skills, Well Let’s just say I get my shine one. Being a bisexual chick also means I get the most and BEST oral sex of both worlds.

I would even go so far as to say that sometimes, I prefer putting this sexy mouth to us to all humping and pumping. Oral sex is so much more personal. Think about it: During oral sex, you are making your mouth, lips, tongue, spit, and technique all your tools. It requires thinking, it requires performance and it demands attention.

I love giving oral sex more than receiving. Down on my knees nestled against a smooth sweet pussy, my tongue lapping and licking at a sweet clit. Dipping my taut tongue into some hot little slut’s honey hole and tongue fucking her crazy until her legs shake and her libido quakes. There is no better feeling than being the one that causes an earth-shattering orgasm.

In all seriousness though. Throat romances are my favorite. A throat Romance with some thick, juicy, hard throbbing cock giving it all I’ve got to milk that cum from deep within his balls? What could get better? Starting slow and circling my tongue around his mushroom, staring deadlocked into his wanting eyes, and then giving way and allowing him access and ownership of my throat.

Oral sex, if I had to pick favorite sex, would be it.

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