Accomplice Sex Play and Finding a Tasty Innocent Morsel

Accomplice sex play has to be handled just right unless you want the law involved. As a general rule, ‘snitches get stitches’. But, for the purposes of entertaining your ass, I’m gonna tell it!  A side-piece, we’ll call him Leon, started checking out the barely legal hotties roaming around the mall on Glenwood. I’m just gonna say, I’ve been around a minute and I know the only way to beat a situation is to come at it from a super fun and sexy place! If you want some cum soaked sheets, you need Miss Dixie to invade your world!

Uh-huh. You know what they say. ‘If you can’t beat ’em, find another way to beat ’em!’ I started scoping out the hotties before he could even set eyes on them.  It was as if I had developed a third eye that was capable of going around corners.  I was sniffing them out, so to speak.

Learn to feed a man’s hunger and the world will open before your eyes!

You can’t teach an old dog? Well, I’m no dog. And I sure as hell ain’t old! And even if I was, I’m still trainable, Darlin’! So, I wandered into the Victoria Secret & Pink knowing he’d lag behind; to hunt, if you will.  Once inside I spied a gorgeous red-head. Coupled with the fact that she had big freckles, and a hot young bod, I knew exactly what needed to happen.

“Hello there.  Are you a VS model? I’ve seen you at the fashion show on t.v., haven’t I?” She simply smiled and when she did, there I saw the money-maker! Her braces! And not just any braces; these were the bright neon ones. And I knew her age without asking. No one over 18 wears neon braces, am I right?

Delicious, young dinner, cumming right up!

It only took me a minute to convince that little twit that I was a talent scout for models and then, a short trip to the car. Leon had pulled right up to the side doors nearest to Sears and we slid right in next to him in the front seat of his Beamer. Quick introductions and smiles had us driving through some burger joint to feed the baby. She wolfed down two small burgers and some fries just as Leon pulled up to the house.

Once inside, we gave her some drug-laced beers and quickly undressed her giggling, drunk body. Thereupon, we took the pictures that would bind her to us forever, or at least till she smartened up enough to know the law would be on her side.

And so, began The Accomplice Sex Play!

Leon licked all over her body leaving it glistening and even though she was out of it, her moans came through.  I knew that little bitch was enjoying it!  And for this purpose, I decided to join in.  My mouth is legendary in these parts by men and women alike, so I gave her my tongue deep inside her and that woke her up! She opened her eyes and there was a lust I’ve rarely witnessed.  It drove me wild with desire.  Leon and I pushed each other’s limits and every day she gets better at being the perfect sexual fetishes slave.

Now, instead of Leon and I as the accomplice sex play team, it’s her and me conspiring on ways to drive him over the top. And we do just great in that department, but we know there’s always MORE. So, Red and I devised a plan to give Big Daddy what he needed most, VARIETY! We put together a team that’ll make your dick hard just reading!

Blonde, Brunette, Red, of course; and so many of them!

Daddy’s favorite, for now, is a little black girl with a big ass and DAMN does she love ass-fucking?! He’s buried in her so deep it would take a stick of dynamite to get him out! That little whore just grinds back against him like it’s a competition to please Daddy! Well, that’s what I’m here for. I’m the House Mother of our little family and I keep the girls in line with my whip, dildo, and tongue. I’ll do the same for YOU!

The Phone Sex Kingdom may well be your harbinger of light. Or doom. Any way you like it is fine with me, Honey. I’m a Queen with a wicked taste for crimes against others. If you want a calm weekend, keep moving. If you want to have your world tilted, come to me. I’m here most days. So, what are ya waiting for? The answer to your wet dreams is right here!

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