Accomplice play sex, as suggested by the word “accomplice”, is a very dark form of play. 

But if you’re into rape and murder fantasies, accomplice play sex is right up your alley. If you’re not into that sort of thing, this post may not be for you. It’s nothing like tickle machine torture— it’s a lot of real torture. Just a warning! 

Sometimes, what makes the dark fun is that it’s forbidden. It’s a taste of the taboo, and the idea of doing something illegal or immoral gives me a rush. It’s like electricity crawling through me, sickly sweet, and I can’t stop myself. 

There’s a target in mind for my partner. A bitch, as he calls our marks. She dances on the dance floor in front of me, her long blond hair whipping back and forth as she shakes her flat ass. She loves using boys and getting drinks, and then robbing their wallets for the late-night stands. Like my partner and I, she’s a traveler, going out of town so her local bars don’t catch on. She loves pegging, too, knowing that humiliation will keep most men from reporting her theft. 

My partner and I don’t care about that. She’s a bitch, and there have been a few requests to teach her a lesson. But we’re more excited to put an uppity bitch in her place. 

Under the hot lights, she accepts a drink from someone at the bar– me. “You’re giving us all a hard time, sister,” I tease. “Sit down and rest so the rest of us can grab a man.” She smiles and laughs, takes a selfie of herself and thanks me for the drink. She asks me to watch her drink and phone while she dances. 

Of course, I do. I watch her phone fall out of her purse. I watch my drugs slip into her drink. 

Meeting up

It’s easy to get her into my car. I’m not a man, and I assure people I’ll take her to a motel to freshen up. Most see she’s drugged, but better for her to leave with me than with the unknown, faceless rapist they all picture in their heads. The bartender pleads with me not to sue or make her drugging public– they’ve had enough of a bad reputation. I agree to keep it quiet and tell members of the crowd she’s had too much to drink. 

She’s drunk and in my car, and I can’t help but want to touch. Her head lolls as she breathes, her eyes glazed over. I strap her in, but as I lean over, I go ahead and unbutton her shirt, placing a kiss on her left breast. Part of her moans while her shoulders slump forward- maybe she’s awake. So I pet her hair, letting the blonde strands fall through my fingers. 

And then I get the car started, heading to a motel a few miles away. When I arrive, no one else is there. It’s me and her in the parking lot, so I go ahead and unbuckle her. “We’re going to have so much fun,” I promise her. 

My lips press against her red frosted ones. Her slack mouth opens with a little bit of pressure on her jaw. My tongue plunders inside her mouth, heat coiling in my gut. My legs grow wet as I climb on top of her. She’s so limp. So helpless. 

I love it.

And then my partner pulls up next to me, the motel key jingling on his keychain. “You hot already?” he asks through my window. 

I pull off her and wink at him. “Let’s get on with our accomplice play sex, babe.”

The Darkest Part

The drugs are effective. She gives some weak protests, but we wrangle her onto the bed. I get to play with her first, and I unwrap her the same way I would a present. I’m slow, giving my partner a show. I squeeze her breast and reach in between her thighs, happy to show off her assets. 

But my partner can’t wait. He’s been aroused for so long, and he doesn’t like to tease the way I do. “Let me have her.” I have to; that’s the point of accomplice play sex. Even if I want to keep playing with her, my partner and I are a team.

We open her legs with no resistance. He pulls his cock out and pushes it into her very relaxed channel. 

Our victim mews, as if protesting. But her body is too heavy to actually speak. I lean up to kiss my partner, reaching my hands down to touch where his thick cock is pushing inside her unwilling body. There’s so much heat, and she’s not even wet. There’s a bit of liquid there, but it’s not her slick. 

“So tight,” he grunts. “Love them like this.” 

Dazed eyes open and take us in. Her breasts and body shake with each thrust, dancing to his motions rather than club music. Soon moans spill out of her, and we can’t have that. 

Quieting her is simple. I just sit on her face. And if she can’t breathe, well, that’s not my problem, is it? 

She grows tighter for my partner. I can tell the way he gasps. His face contorts as her body begins to shake, to grip him. Her body shakes and twitches underneath me, while he slams deep inside her one last time.

Then, she stops moving.

I told you accomplice play sex is dark.


Want to get even darker? Then call me, and let’s get our hot phone sex on! 

accomplice play sex