I’m an absolute masturbation addict, and I can’t keep my hands off myself!

I’m lucky if I can sleep past five in the morning before my hands are roaming down in between my legs.  Each day, I wake up wet. I have the sexiest dreams.  And even if I don’t, the first thing I do when I open my eyes is either grab my tablet and watch porn or fantasize about all the hot things I’ve done in my life. Or want to do. Or will do… Sometimes, I fantasize about my horny hot neighbor. Sometimes, my smoking hot girlfriend. Other days, it’s the new guy who just moved into the building. And a gang bang with all of the above. Who knew I was an absolute masturbation addict?

Constantly ready for it

I always sleep naked.  Summer or winter, there’s never anything on other than maybe a pair of panties. And those I can easily slide to the side and let my fingers explore my juicy pussy. I love waking up and running my hands down my naked body.  Opening my legs nice and wide, I let my fingers start rubbing my clit.

I start moaning before my eyes are even open

What better way to wake up? Getting off! If you’re asking an absolute masturbation addict that is. I feel my pussy nice and wet as my fingers slide back and forth in between my swollen pussy lips. With my eyes still closed, I lean back against my pillow and stick one of those fingers deep inside. That always leads to a long, loud moan that I’m sure my neighbor can hear through the wall.

This is just the start of my day

I finger myself nice and hard, sliding one, and then two, and sometimes three fingers inside that tight pussy. I finger fuck myself with one hand while the other hand rubs my tits, getting my nipples nice and hard, and squeezing them one by one. What a great start to the day, huh?

It doesn’t take me long to cum. Soon, I’m thrashing all over my bed, my fingers deep inside my pussy.  Some days, I use a toy, but other days I don’t even need one.  An absolute masturbation addict can get off with anything, anywhere, any time. Trust me, I’m an expert.

Next thing you know, I’m screaming in ecstasy

It feels so good to be touching myself like this. I start breathing heavily and my pussy walls clench all over my fingers as I cum nice and hard…and loud. Then I take my fingers out of my pussy, covered in cum, and put them right in my mouth. It tastes so delicious, and I lick off every drop. And that’s just the beginning…

Before I even get out of bed, I have fucked myself at least twice like the absolute masturbation addict I am. Once I get into the shower and I’m soaping up my body, the water falling down on me, I’m turned on once again. I take the shower head and start to blast the water right on my pussy, feeling that pressure against my clit. Next thing you know, I’m cumming again. And it’s only 7:00 a.m.

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Absolute Masturbation Addict