Abduction is a terrifying ordeal, but what if it turned into something erotic and fun?

Abduction is something that could have been real for me a few weeks ago. This really did happen to me, it left me shaken and nervous to go to the store since it happened.

I still look back on when I put my shopping cart away. I saw a man staring me down in the parking lot of our towns popular grocery store. He made me nervous but it’s my reaction to anyone when nervous is to smile. I got into my car and looked through my music.

When I looked back up he was at my car! I locked the doors and watched him try to break into the passenger side. I sat just watching him. I didn’t know what came over me but I yelled at him, cussing him out. I sounded more psycho then he did I’m sure.

What if though? What if I didn’t notice him coming and he did get into my car? Well, this is the better scenario of the few that could have played out.

My abduction begins when he climbs into the passenger seat. My reaction is to try to get out of the car and flea. Only he holds a knife out and threatened to hurt me. He tells me to drive. After a long drive into a remote area, he tells me to get into the back seat of my car.

Scared I do, but I beg and plead for him to please let me go and he can take anything he wants from me. He laughs and says he will. I know just what he means. The man is short but taller than me. Dark hair, a face I would have considered handsome if I hadn’t bee so scared. He had thick muscles and I know I couldn’t fight him if I tried.

I get into the back seat and curl up into a ball. His strong hands grasp my legs, trying to pull me down onto my back. I try to fight, but it’s useless. His hands and elbows work together to pull my shaken & weak legs apart. I cry out and beg for him to stop. His knife presses hard against my neck. I can feel him undoing his pants between my legs. He pushes his free hand under my skirt only to find its a skirt with shorts.

He takes his knife and roughly cuts the middle of the shorts out. I cry and squirm and try to make him stop. He is far too strong to fight. The weight of his body stills my struggle to get away. I can feel the head of his cock break through the folds of my pussy. With a single hard thrust, he is deep within me.

I find my body reacts in a more responsive way. His cock is thick and strong like he is. I start moaning and bucking hard into his groin. My legs wrap around him and I find I beg for more. He insults me while he fucks my pussy. Tells me what a whore I am, spits in my face and fucks harder and deeper. My body betrayed me. I reach the peak of my hard orgasm just as I feel his cum flood me.

I never want to think about what would happen after that. That is how I prefer to envision a forced sex abduction.