“Suck my fucking cock, Aly!” My Dom ordered. I struggled to keep my mouth closed and refused to suck him off. He threatened to perform

forced anal on me if I didn’t give in. Hearing him count down from three, I tried to pull away from him. “Okay you made up your mind and you had a chance to do it the easy way, little girl.” He said with a cool calm voice.

He released the handful of my hair and got up to grab a bottle of lube. My lips were coated in his precum from him rubbing the head of his cock against my mouth roughly. Seeing my chance, I got off the bed and ran through the house towards the bathroom. In the process of running away, I hit my little toe on the side of the brick wall.
My Dom was hot on my heels as I ran. The bathroom door was slammed shut, but I couldn’t lock it. His strong hand held the door nob turned so I couldn’t lock him out. Silly really, but I like to provoke and force him to be rougher than he typically is.
The door was pushed open with little force. His strong hand weaved into my hair tightly. Without much care, he dragged me by the hair through the kitchen, living room and dining room. I was kicking and holding onto his wrist to relieve the pain from my hair being yanked.
Keep in mind, I fucking loved every minute! My Dom’s strong arms hauled me up like a ragdoll onto the bed. In all the madness and my toe throbbing, he lost his hard-on. I laughed at him thinking I was in the clear. “Oh, I’m still gonna give you some forced anal you fucking brat!” he chuckled.
Looking over my shoulder I saw the huge rainbow dildo in his hand. Spitting on the end of the toy he jammed it into my clenched ass hard. His knee rested on my upper back as he performed forced anal on me. Once he was hard and ready to fuck, he pulled the large dildo out and replaced my gaping asshole with his cock.
While he fucked me he reminded me of my place and how a good girl was supposed to behave or I would be punished. Thankfully, he did reach around and rub my clit. I was so turned on by the pain and pleasure that I came.
True story boys! My toe is actually broken from my fun weekend tryst. All very worth the pain though! If you loved my forced anal story, then you’ll love my other hardcore sex stories, cum check em out.