Abducted Tortured Sex Slave Confessions Of Lust For Her.

Abducted Tortured Sex Slave Confessions can be hard to talk about. So, maybe I’ll just start at the very beginning of my captivity. These aren’t just some arousing flirty tales of lust; it’s something that could happen to you! I have worked for Jan and Herman for a number of years and we’re all quite friendly. Often, we hang out after work at a lovely pub down the street from the offices we occupied.

On a particular night when there was a bite in the air, we decided to drunkenly to head to their house because it was nearby. It took seconds to flip the switch on their gas fireplace. Jan went to fetch some hot toddies (as if we needed more booze poured onto any situation. lol) and I removed my shoes and snuggled under a warm blankie on the floor.

When is familiar too familiar?

Herman came back with the drinks but, no Jan. I think of it in hindsight, however, at the time it didn’t click immediately. Herman sat on the sofa right behind where I was curled with my feet under my ass. Then, he reached out and began to massage my shoulders gently. I already mentioned that we three were drunk nearly off our asses, so… I leaned back against his legs which felt warmer than they should. But, again hindsight. Right?

I have to admit, I was lost in the moment and in seconds I was tilted back (nearly breaking my ankles) and kissing him full on in the mouth. He’s my boss! I shouldn’t be doing this. Well, that’s what my mind was saying. What my body was doing was something altogether different.

So, how to gently get out of this?

I found myself actually in a struggle to break free of him. Then, she came back in. I raced between fear and excitement at what she would do to him; or, what she would say. To my amazement, she smiled broadly then, jumped on me like a wildcat! Her lips covered mine in a lustful spin. But, unlike with Herman, Jan’s kisses were magical! The way she moaned into my mouth set me the fuck off, Honey!

Now, setting me off and losing my sense of control are two totally different things! Again, within moments I caught myself again, and once more I found myself struggling. The two of them wrestled me to the ground as they set upon me like wolves in the hot desert heat!

So begins my Abducted Tortured Sex Slave Confessions

They still forced me into the car to go to work for them as I always did. But, the difference is that I work diligently all day and I’m still their slave at home. I never tried to escape because they knew all there was to know about me after all the years of our friendship. Herman once licked from my jaw to my eyebrow while choking me as Jan whispered in my ear that I am theirs! And boy do I believe them as much today as the first time it was said.

They put me on a schedule outlining who did what to me on what nights and which nights were to be family fun nights! Those were the most brutal because they’d often invite others to join. Sometimes, they would run ads on CraigsList and put me on the hotel bed, leave the door unlocked for men who paid in advance online to come in and fuck me.

Again, with the Abducted Tortured Sex Slave Confessions.

I never minded so much what they did or how long. I DID mind that I was chattel to him and he knew that I knew. What he didn’t catch wind of was that Jan and I had started bonding in ways we never had in our work-a-day lives. When Herman had to travel for the business, we got very close. And I mean very, very close. I don’t know why it’s always me with the Abducted Tortured Sex Slave Confessions. But, I have to tell someone, or it will drive me nuts! I can’t be the only one who gets off on humiliation phone sex, right?

So, she makes a whole deal of it; romantic candles, bubble bath, and soft music as she performs her whole seduction scene. And boy does it work. Every time. The truth is, I love her so much that I never want to leave them, err, her. But, I’ll take Henry too if I have to! Long to have her plunging my asshole with her strapon and kiss me the way she does. Then, she finishes me off in a divine 69! If you only knew the half of what she does to me… I know, why don’t you call Miss Dixie and let me tell you all about it, Darlin’!

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