I propose an abducted teen snuff fantasy.

Months after our last abducted teen snuff, we sat at our dining room table. The enthusiasm and euphoria of having prime cuts of succulent rump had left us weeks ago. In fact, as I started down at the juicy steak of grade A beef in front of me, I felt disgusted. Compared to the meat of our tender girls, it might as well have been a hot dog.

The deeper into our meal we got, the more frustrated we got. Knowing that we could be out preparing for an abducted teen snuff made everything taste slightly off, and absolutely rubbery. I knew that if we didn’t remedy the situation, then you’d be sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night for some really intense fetish phone sex.

Gently, I placed my fork and knife across my plate.

“I can’t”, I sighed

“Thank God!” You replied, standing up and gathering our plates. “What do you have in mind?”

“How about something a little fresher? Stay here and get the kitchen ready, I’ll be back with a guest soon.” With a wink, I grabbed my keys and blew you a kiss over my shoulder.

Bringing home the bacon

I parked my car in the alley behind the group home for teens and waited. As girls left the daily soup kitchen I diligently checked them over. The first girl was stunning, but every inch of visible skin aside from her face was covered in tattoos. Knowing how much you hate additives, I ignored her. But the second girl would do in a pinch.

She looked nervous. Whether from past trauma or being newly homeless, I could work with either. I waited until she had almost walked past my car and then rolled down my window.

“Excuse me! I lost my phone and don’t have any idea how to get home. You don’t happen to know the way to 2nd Street from here would you?”

She did, and she dutifully gave me directions. That wouldn’t do, so I played dumb.

“I’m sorry, that’s too much information for me. Umm, are you hungry still? I know they just served dinner but we have steak and a poke cake I made earlier…”

The look on her face was priceless. She hopped right in and started babbling her life story at me. It was all so cliche. She had strict parents and played around at rebelling and got kicked out. Hadn’t spoken to her parents in months. Perfect.

As I pulled into the driveway, I acted surprised that my phone had been with me the whole time, and sent you a text telling you I hadn’t knocked out dinner yet.

Meal prep

You were there to greet us in the living room, and you totally didn’t look like a man about to go full taboo on this young woman. Little did she know…

I told her to come into the kitchen and have a seat at the bar. As she walked past us we exchanged a look. She really was impressive for such a quick grab. Blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin, and just the right mix of lean and fatty meats on her.

Normally with live catches, we rely on some spiked wine to knock them out but tonight I was too hungry to wait. I went to the linen closet, grabbed a cloth and doused it in chloroform. While you distracted her I came up behind her, wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pressed the cloth into her mouth and nose. She was out cold in seconds.

In my mind, this is where it officially became an abduction. And in a few more moments it would be an abducted teen snuff. We stripped her down, examining her nude body. Her tits were pert yet ample, and her ass and thighs looked absolutely mouthwatering.

We also took the opportunity to wrap her in rope as we fought over how to prepare her. After a few compromises, we decided to spit roast her, with the stipulation that I would stay up all night to rotate her. It’s the best way to get that cracked skin we love so much but takes forever to do.

The main course

Having a teen slut for breakfast was going to be odd. Usually, we made an event out of the first meal, but our cravings were too intense at that point to wait. So we got to work. We hoisted her onto the counter and I grabbed the rod and basting brush.

You brought over a bowl with olive oil and seasoning and got to basting. I watched as you laboriously covered every inch of her rump and thighs, rolling my eyes. You had so much left to do yet and I was ready to snuff the cow already. I upended the bowl of marinade and started using my hands to cover her back and legs.

Together, we flipped her over. I poured the rest of the mix over her and worked my way down her body. Her pussy lips and toes especially needed it or else we’d be very disappointed in the morning.

Once she had been rubbed down thoroughly, I shoved an Apple between her lips. She started rousing then. A perfect time to add the skewer. Even with the ropes, I knew she was going to flop around as I did this next part, so I had you pin her down. This wasn’t a forced teen humiliation kind of a night, so she wouldn’t be awake for long.

After a few passes with the knife sharpener, I grabbed the mallet and lined the pole up with her pussy. I looked at you as I crammed it in her. She screamed and cried as I breached her womb, but it paled in comparison to when I tore through her actual guts. Soon it was over though.

Saying goodbye

The thrashing slowly faded and it was just me and you alone again with a corpse to keep us company. You tilted her head back as I prepared for the final push. The skewer popped out through her mouth and I smiled. Every once in awhile it pops out through their necks, so the relief I felt at getting it on the first try was immense.

We lifted the rod and placed her on the spit. It had been a frustrating day, but the morning would totally make up for it.

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