ABDL Mommy seeking new sonny boy to cuddle and kiss. 

I have set up the playroom and nursey all perfect for us, sweetie. We got you perfect Bob The Builder bedsheets for your adult-baby room. It’s clear how much you love the theme song for the show and I will sing it to you while I change your diapers. ABDL mommy seeking someone just like YOU to play with from now on. Mum’s last playboy had to grow up 🙁 but that’s okay! You’re here now to help satisfy her kinky MILF fantasies. I didn’t even have to look too far. 

Mommy is all dressed up in her sexy pin-up outfit for her sweet darling boy.

Wowie Zowie – Doesn’t Mum’s fat milky titties look delicious? I know you’re having a hard time resisting sucking on them. Just let Mummy know if you’re getting hungry. I’ll pull one out & cuddle you so very close while you suck until you’re full. Is ABDL Mommy seeking a breastmilk drinker? You bet! I’m so thankful I have found you! My milk sacks had started to swell up too much and were hurting. You’re really helping Mom right now!  All done? 

Gramma just rang and she is demanding that you invite her into our playtime.

Granny phone sex will add some spice to our diaper loving fun time together, don’t you think? We don’t want to upset Grandma, do we? She said she’s on the way over now. Granny expects you to have been burped before her arrival so come into Mom’s arms. Let me hold you, rock you and tell you more..ageplay phone sex is my favorite.

You’re such a good dirty diaper lover –  know that? 

Grandmother has arrived and she is one to agree. Climb up onto the changing table so that she & I can work together on this big mess you’ve left for us. I undo the sides of your nappy and lay a baby wipe on your penis, you’ve sprayed Mom before with a golden shower she wasn’t expecting. Not taking any chances anymore! 

Gramma comments on how big you’ve grown down there. Yes, she means your pee-pee, sweetie. I think she’d like to pump it up big and strong so that she gets an extra good look. To keep you comfortable, Mum is going to pull one of her breasts out for you to suck on. 

Good job, sweet boy! Keep on sucking the milkies out and just relax while Granny jacks you off on the changing table. 


I continue to hum your favorite song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” while she pumps your pee-pee faster and faster. Your face turns red in embarrassment but you feel so safe with both of us, don’t you? I continue to hold your face to my breasts and you suck harder on my nipples, desperate to get every last drop out of me. 

“There it is!”, your Grandmother exclaims. Looking down I see the red flush from your face and you are looking up at me with pure relief. We got all the cummies out, finally! Good job! 






Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke