Dirty Diaper Lover has so much fun with Mommy Dylan!

Sweet darling, Dirty Diaper Lover wakes up in his cute little crib right beside Mommy’s bed. Mommy Dylan comes right over first thing in the morning to feed him right from her breast! We all know Mommy’s milk is the best thing to make baby-boy go boom boom! Mommy Dylan’s titties are swollen full of milkies for her son!

It’s time to burp him! Mommy Dylan puts Dirty Diaper Lover right over her shoulder and gives him pats on his sweet back.

All that did was make more room for another feeding! Dirty Diaper Lover put’s his lips around Mommy’s pretty pink nipples and gently sucks. Mommy Dylan loves her adult baby boy so much! She just wants her sweetie to go bathroom in his diaper so she can clean him right up with her mouth! Dirty Diaper Lover gets cranky and that let’s Mommy know the boom boom is on it’s way out soon! This excites and pleases Mommy Dylan.

Mommy Dylan changes Baby Boy into a cute light blue onesie.

They both play with blocks on the floor. Adult Baby Boy is so happy playing with Mommy. She brushes his hair with a soft bristle brush and sings “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to him while he claps along. He just adores his Mommy Dylan with all of his heart. He wants to make her so happy by going wee wee and boom boom in that diaper. Dirty Diaper Lover wants only to please Mommy Dylan. She is a strict but fun Mommy!

Mommy Dylan’s sweetie has gotten spankings before though!

It’s hard being an adult baby boy and learning sometimes takes a little discipline. If baby boy throws a hissy fit, Mommy Dylan has to put him right over her knee and give him the paddle. He cries and cries but secretly it makes his little sweet penis so hard for Mommy Dylan.

Just then, Baby Boy feels a stinky coming on!

Mommy Dylan is quick to get ready to watch and has him get on to his stomach for tummy time! She rubs his back and tells him to push really, really hard. He does and lets out a little tootie. Mommy laughs and tells Baby Boy it’s okay. She grabs a bottle and quickly milks some of her sweet Mommy Milk from her breast. She holds the bottle to Baby Boy’s Mouth so he can sip from it while he pushes out his big chocolate boom boom. That’s when he makes an accident #1 wee wee in his diaper too. What a lucky Dirty Diaper Lover, huh?

Mommy Dylan asks if there’s anymore or if her big baby is all done.

She puts Dirty Diaper Lover on to his back and unsnaps his onesie, excited to see the mess left inside. Wow! What a mess it is too. A completely soaked diaper and plenty of scatty goodness from Baby Boy’s bottom. Mommy Dylan can’t help herself and begins to wrap her fingers around his penis, using the doodie like lube to get the last of her sweet darling’s liquids out- CUM!

Mommy Dylan jacks off her sweetie for as long as it takes, being sure to put her breast right to his lips so he can enjoy more of her milkies.

He moans and squirms under her, enjoying all of this loving attention from his Mommy. She continues to massage his privates but realizes there’s only one way for Mommy to get all the cummies out- With her mouth!

She wrap her lips right around that tasty Adult Baby dick.

Dirty Diaper Lover enjoys having Mommy give him nasty mouth pleasure while he sits in his dirty & messy nappy. She continues to suck and lick his adult baby boy cock and balls until finally, he blows that big load all over the place! How exciting for him and Mommy Dylan. Now they have all of the lube they will need to put Mommy’s strap-on into his bum bum. Don’t worry though, Mommy Dylan is going to keep the rest of that story next time. You’ll have to give her a call to find out what happened next with her sweet Baby Boy to know the rest of this ABDL Fantasy Sex Story!


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