ABDL Mommy Fun: Sissy babies unite.

ABDL Mommy Fun: Sissy babies unite. Your ABDL Mommy is ready to play with all her favorite baby boys and girls. Diapers, baby clothes, adult cribs, and even a pacifier down the throat.  Mommy loves diaper boys and taking care of all their needs.
How about we take a shopping trip down the baby aisle of the grocery store? We can load up our basket with everything thing we need. Are you ready for a little shopping adventure with your naughty ABDL mommy? Do you need some Mommy Lactating Surprise? While we play on the phone, I will guide you to what you need to buy, or I can give you a dirty boy shopping list. We need bottles, bids, pacifiers, diapers, and wipes. The clothing we need we can buy online from Etsy.  You will be the cutest adult baby on the block.

ABDL Mommy Fun I am ready to take care of all your needs.

Some like to be referred to as a “little”  instead of a baby. Either way, it’s all the same. Whether you roleplay or live life, this is something Mommy loves to enjoy with you. Make sure to pick up the scented diapers.  We don’t want to be a stinky boy, or do we? Littles who make big poopies always need a bath. Mr. Bubble is your favorite, and you know mommy washes you well.  I will make sure to clean your tushy and pee pee, taking lots of time to give my boy special attention.
I want to tell you where I met my last “little”. Reading online about an ABDL party held once a month at a local hotel, I reserved a spot. Personally, I would never put on the clothing, but I’ve always had a fetish for those that will. Maybe it’s that I feel the need to nurture more than most. I have a kind heart, but this Mommy can be strict and punishing if you push the limits and break the rules.

ABDL Mommy Fun for those seeking a new Mommy

The party planner gave me all the directions I would need and a special guest pass to attend this Adult Baby Diaper Lover event. It’s held in hopes of letting more people find their match, as well as enlighten others to the kink. I will even admit there is a lot that I still don’t understand, but I’m learning. Even Mommies have to take advice from others. See baby, I love you enough to want to make you happy too.
The hotel conference room’s packed full of vendors, visitors, and even voyeurs. I’m the latter. Still a novice, but needing a baby of my own to take care of. There is a complete directory of those seeking a new Mommy. Some of the ads even had pictures to go along with their needs.

I didn’t realize I was shopping for an adult baby till I came to the picture of a perfect “little”

Dressed in a onesie, my little boy was probably about 200 pounds, a full chest of hair, and sucking a bottle filled with breast milk. I knew the moment I saw him that he would be perfect for me.  I arranged for us to meet later in the lactation room for a get to know each other session. It would be a good time to teach my ABDL little boy how to suckle Mommy while she explains all the new rules.
On a hotel bed, he nestled into me. His mouth breastfeeding from my tit, I invited this baby to come live with me full time. Drinking his boobie milk, we ordered all he would need. A crib, a playpen, diaper changer, and a high chair. We even ordered a special time out chair when he disobeys Mommy. He will find that I am strict, but as a mommy, I will always love him. Are you ready to join my family of ABDL lovers? I have one room open and would love to take in another adult baby of my own. Let’s set up a session today and you can see how your new Mommy treats her babies.
Ramona- The Very best Mommy Phone Sex.