Mommy Lactating Surprise: Mother knows when her boys need a firm touch

Mommy Lactating Surprise shocked my boy more than anything ever had. Always a Mama’s boy, he found out her secret in a very special way. Scientists say that breastfeeding is best for a baby, but how about a grown man? Should they feed on the tit as well? There are so many benefits for the child and the mother. What happens when a son is a man and the mother still allows him to latch onto the tit? Can she still produce milk? With a little stimulation, Mommy can produce enough for a mouth full of nutrients.
Calling her son in the bedroom after his father left for the day has become a routine. He gets into the bed and cuddles. Her stroking him and telling stories of mother and son erotica. Her soft hands then slide up and down his incestuous cock. Mother knows when her boys need a firm touch, and when he needs a soft one. Today was different. What her baby boy didn’t realize is when he breastfed today, he would get a mouth full of milk. Lactation hormones had worked on the hot MILF. She will do anything for her boy.

Moms know best.

Jacking off her own flesh and blood, the mature woman pulled her tit out, telling him to suck. As he latched on, his eyes said it all. Shocked from the sudden squirting of warm milk in his mouth, he dribbled down his chin. Looping his tongue around her big bouncing mommy tits, the boy drank her milk. His cock pumping into her loving hands. He was fist fucking her hand while he sucked the milk for her breasts. Mommy pumps the cream, while her son milks his cock into her hand. Never doubt mothers nurturing love.
Mommy Lactating surprise shocked her son.
Spurt, spurt, he ejaculated in her hand. Now a good boy cleans his room, and a Mama’s boy eats his own cum. With a handful of his semen, she rubbed her nipples before bringing his mouth back to her tits. He resisted at first, but a hand to the back if his head let him know different. If he wanted to be rewarded, he would need to clean up after himself. That’s what boys who love their mothers do. His hands on her milk filled melons, the good son cleaned off the mess he made. Rewards come to those who clean, and they won’t be in the form of a gold star.

“Smile for the camera.”

Milestones caught on camera. His face covered with a ring of milk and cum. Would Daddy like that picture sent to his phone while sitting in the office today? Would he be mad, or his dick hard and jacking. She knew the truth. He would want to eat her pussy when coming home in hopes that it would be full of young boy spunk. More than once had he yelled at her to have a hot meal ready when he came through the door after work. Tonight, she would have one that would feed him for hours.
He is more endowed than his father, and her pussy is thankful for the ride. Crawling on top, her pussy slid down his huge meat pole. Her son loves to fuck his mama and is the envy of all his friends. Most of them get a ride, but she never lets him know. It’s better when he sinks inside of her and thinks all the wetness is because of him. She’s wet, but not with what he thinks. All his friends stopped by before he did.. Mommy is the neighborhood whore. She loves to make her own Erotic Sex Stories.

Bouncing on his dick, her hands on the lactating milk cannons.

Open wide son, take that shot. It resembles that clown game at the fair. The clown opens his mouth wide and you aim with the squirt gun. The first one who fills the mouth wins. Tugging her pink nipples, giving him his first facial, that boy’s addicted to mothers milk. Sweet and warm, she covers his face with the washing of mama’s dew. Mommy lactating surprise is only a start to this relationship. Wait until he knocks her up with their incest baby. Maybe it will be the daughter she’s always wanted.
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