So Phone Sex MILF Genie was kind enough to give me the ABC’s of Sex, Mama is so experienced that’s why she’s the sexiest MILF in the kingdom!

A is for Anal (don’t be shy slide it in)

B is for Butt Plug (for you or me ;))

C is for Cock (small to giggle at and large to enjoy)

D is for Double Penetration (i’ve got more then two holes but its a great start)

E is for Enema (milk,wine,water, any liquid will do)

F is for Finger Fuck (feel how tight I am)

G is for Games (Like Tease and Deny)

H is for Hand job (lay back and enjoy)

I is for Inner Thighs (I’d love to wrap around your face)

J is for Jizz (mmm)

K is for Kissing my Ass (let the tongue slip in)

L is for Licking (anywhere you want)

M is for Moans (or Mirrors to watch)

N is for Nymph (which I surely am)

O is for Oral (I’ll take down every inch)

P is for Penetration (i’ll bite the pillow so she doesn’t hear me moan)

Q is for Quickie (no foreplay just hard fucking)

R is for Role-play (I’ve got tons of costumes for you to choose)

S is for Spanking (it could go both ways ;))

T is for Tasty Toes (suck every one)

U is for Underwear (sniff my panties)

V is for Vibrators (i’ve got a ton for you to choose from)

W is for Whips (nothing is better then a little pleasure and pain)

X is for X-rated (the way i’ll talk to you)

Y is for Yab-Yum (interesting sex position yum)

Z is for Zinc (it boosts sex drive)

Won’t you help Mama teach me them all?