A worthless sex slave comes home and I need it.

I was nervous as I approached Olivia’s house. I spent much time there throughout our affair, and yet, coming back felt unfamiliar and scary. And I did not know what to expect. I came back because I could not stay away, and I came back, knowing I was no longer her primary lover, and I was coming back to submit to her and become a pleasure toy, like the worthless sex slave I am.

When she opened the front door, I came in, and she put her hand out. I gave her my wallet, phone, and car keys. Doing that meant that I surrendered my freedom. Next, she pointed to my belt, and I knew it was time to undress, and deliberately took all of my clothing off. She pointed to the couch, and I picked up and put on a pink camisole and matching tap pants. Then she pushed me, her worthless sex slave, down on all fours, and I followed her into her sex room.

A tall man covered in tattoos was waiting for me.

He told me to get on the table in front of him. I complied, and before I realized what was happening, Olivia restrained me. I saw the man get what looked like an air gun, and he came forward and brought it close to my chest. In what seemed like a millisecond, I felt pain in both nipples. He pierced them both, and Olivia put little hoop earnings in each one. While I was still reeling from the pain of the piercings, he picked up his tattoo pen and began writing in cursive under each of my nipples. When he finished, the words “Olivia’s Bitch” were permanently etched into  mychest.

Olivia looked delighted as she dropped her panties and climbed onto the table. I watched as she lowered a very wet cunt onto my face. Without thinking, I began to lick and suck on it; I immediately tasted cum from another man mixed in with her juices. Soon my face was soaked and, as cum dripped everywhere, I felt her pull my legs back. I heard her tell the man to go ahead and have fun. The sex games were just beginning for this worthless sex slave.

I  heard the sound of his belt buckle coming loose and his pants hitting the floor.

Then, I felt the pressure I knew was coming as a very think cockhead pressed against my pussy. Olivia pulled my legs further back, and I felt his fingers pushing that thick head into my hole. I tried to scream, but I was smothered by her cunt. He kept pushing in and never backed off.  The pressure was beyond painful until it hurt so much I went numb.  I felt like a worthless sex slave with his big bush flush against my ass. I knew then that I had been violated completely.

After pushing inside of me, he began to thrust in and out.  After every thrust, the collision with my ass was so violent that I could feel my internal organs move around. Then, after what seemed like hours, I heard him groan and grunt one last time and felt his hips buck and spasm. When he pulled his cock out, it felt like my ass was wide open, and I felt cum streaming down the back of my legs. I began to relax, thinking it was over when I felt something else press against my pussy hole.  But, that is for next week!

Can’t wait until next week to hear more about my worthless sex slave? Let’s have hot phone sex right now.

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