A Sugar Baby Christmas!

Oh Christmas, oh Christmas, my favorite time of the year! Time to shake my ass and spread more than just good cheer. The daddies are nestled, all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar babies dance in their heads! Tis’ the season for daddies all around, to line up and find their hottest girl in town.   Spoiling their dolls with all sorts of merry, looking for one with a sweet little cherry. Watch out daddy, be sure not to fall, crossing a sugar baby is no good at all!  Don’t worry darling, for there is nothing to fear, as long as I’m spoiled for Sugar Baby Christmas, this year.

Swipe right, you have a match! 

Michael, 39, Entrepreneur writes… “I only fly private, in my plane that is.” A match made in heaven if you ask me. A continuation of the sugar baby diaries needed to happen quickly. Kevin had his yacht (rest in peace) but flying is so much faster. I’m a girl on the move and my sugar daddy has to meet some requirements! Could this be the Sugar Baby Christmas of my dreams? We only had one way to find out.

A Sugar Baby Christmas was well on its way.

Date one: He picked me up and we flew his jet to NYC. After all, If it ended badly, I had that sweet little pad in SoHo, thanks Kevin (R.I.P.!) Next, we rode to Coco J’adore for dinner. I chose a less expensive dish while knowing he would spoil me with caviar and champagne anyway. Oh, and how quickly he did! It’s always a good move to not ask for too much. Start small and watch them hand you the world. Michael was debonair, suave even. After dinner ended I was smitten.

A Sugar Baby Christmas come true.

We were driven to the Plaza for a nightcap and then to bed, in my own bed of course. He had booked the Royal Plaza Suite. At four thousand square feet and thirty grand a night, I didn’t worry about sharing a bed. This was the first date after all. A complete gentleman, he walked me to the master suite. Giving me a peck on the cheek while we called it a night. I awoke in the morning and soaked into a hot steam bath waiting for me in the porcelain, gold-plated claw-foot tub. I got ready and walked out to a full breakfast prepared by our personal chef.

“Ready for the rest of Fifth Avenue?”

He whispered in my ear at the breakfast nook. The six little words every girl wants to hear during Sugar Baby Christmas! I shyly nodded yes, although I could have screamed with joy. We hit all the shops and Tiffany’s of course. Walking to our car with all my new goods being carried behind me, I felt myself falling for him a little too hard. Just as those thoughts crept into my head he said “Where should we jet next? There are twelve days of Christmas after all.”

Hawaii was next.

A little Mele Kalikimaka sounded just perfect to me. My trust in Michael had continued to strengthen, and that’s where I went wrong. Our first day started beautifully.  Sunbathing on the shore, steps from our hotel. Exotic fruit pressing between my lips all while getting a perfect winter glow. My Sugar Baby Christmas was continuing to impress me. He started hitting the Mai Tai’s a little heavy, and that’s when I started to see a new side of him. His hands were making their way between my legs. I told him we should head upstairs. His hands didn’t stop once we got up there and he seemed to not understand the word no…

His Mai Tai flew out the window, smashing into a million pieces 9 floors below.

Michael hit the pavement shortly after. After all, no means no. It’s a shame. He was so nice at first! I’ll always be grateful I’m now the owner of that lovely hotel. Thanks, Michael (R.I.P.!) Don’t worry everyone…my first priority as owner is getting those damn windows fixed!

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