A Slave’s Power

Giving him control made me feel more empowered than ever. That’s A Slave’s Power. Greedy for more. And my own body was going up in flames. Needing him. So hungry for him.

I felt wild inside. Needing so much more. I worked him, wanting to drive him over the edge, feeling my own body giving up control. Tension building. Coiling tighter and tighter.

He watched with those hooded, blue eyes, watched as his cock moved in and out between my lips, the crown and shaft wet now from my mouth, glistening with the moisture.

I loved that he watched.

That his cock was so swollen and engorged. I could feel the heat of him, scorching my tongue, tasting sexy and exotic.

My hunger grew until I couldn’t think straight. Until my brain short-circuited. Until I was a flame burning out of control.

I couldn’t keep my hands still, couldn’t keep from the wild need as I tightened my mouth around him. Used my tongue to lash and caress as he slid in and out of my mouth. Shallow and deep, controlling the moves until I thought I would go insane from the desperate hunger threatening to destroy me.

I needed more and, determined to take back control. I slid my palms up his thighs, feeling the heated muscles contract and pulse as I moved my hands inside his thighs. Between his legs, cupping his heavy sac, feeling the velvet there, the tightness coiling.

David’s eyes smoldering as his hands tightened in my hair.

And the bite at my scalp sent an electrical current whipping from my breasts to my core. He reached down to capture my wrists and pin them together with one hand, holding them above my head

He thrust deeper, feeling the tight suction, the vibrations surrounding his cock and sending spikes of pleasure torturing him as I made small, desperate sounds around him.

I was beautiful with my silken lips wrapped around him and my green eyes dazed with pleasure.

Wild for him. Frantic for him. So ready. So in need, the pleasure was almost too much.

“Enough,” he murmured. The soft velvet of his voice had turned more of a rasping growl. I was destroying him with my wild, uninhibited gift to him. He would never get enough of my wild. Never.

 “Come to me, Dawn.” A demand. Rough. Harsh.

He couldn’t help himself. He had to have me. The plea in my eyes, the pure fire burning in my, was too much to resist.

My thighs were parted for him and he took advantage, lodging the wide head of his cock into that scorching-hot haven.

He growled at the feeling as my body took him in squeezing down, molten lava surrounding him, so tight he thought he’d explode right then.

As he forced his way through those tight muscles.

So hot. So perfect. Too tight as I orgasmed. Strangling him in paradise. The sensation was pure ecstasy as around him. My body stretched and burned, accepting his invasion.

His stomach muscles contracted violently. His body shuddered and his cock impossibly thickened, throbbed, desperate for more. He looked so sexy.

He surged forward. Hard. Taking my body. Claiming me as his. Driving in and powering through my tight folds, the scorching fire taking his sanity as my tight channel had no choice but to accept all of him.

I cried out, he felt liquid flames wrapping his cock tightly, dragging him deeper until he was lodged all the way. My tight channel rippled around him, squeezing and milking like the tightest fist, or a hundred fingers, gripped and moved around him.

He clenched his teeth, fighting for control again.

My hips bucked. A small whimper of need slipped from my throat and stroked a flame over his cock

Please,” I whispered again.

My voice sent him over the edge. Raw. Arousal making the sweet fire hotter than ever. He moved then, drawing back and then plunging deep into my fiery channel.

My inner muscles, so much scorching silk, gripped his cock like the tightest fist imaginable. He felt the last of his control shred and he began to power into me. He was rough.

There was no regaining control once it was lost.

The pleasure that enveloped him, was so intense it actually bordered on pain.

He gripped my hips hard, flexing his fingers and then digging in deep, holding me, for a moment, savoring the tight, silken, wet channel.

And then he surged into me over and over with hard, deep strokes, letting the fire streak through his body.

Feeling his balls tighten. Feeling the sudden, overwhelming convulsion in me. The ripples surrounding him. My cries filling his ears—his mind. Pleasure swamped him, took him. Took me. Each hard jerk of his cock spilling into me was a punch of pure pleasure.

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A Slave's Power
A Slave’s Power

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