Sexy Vampiress Wicked Kiss After Becoming! Watch Your Back!

Have you ever wondered about a sexy vampiress wicked kiss after beCUMing? Watch your back is all I can say on that. Time for some hot & bloody bedroom games fellas!

I awakened to the dark of night and was immediately disoriented and STARVING. No. Not for food. I was starving for DICK and I need it NOW! I’ve been sleeping since dawn and waking at nighttime. Definitely not my usual routine at all. I am not one to sleep during the daylight hours, but all things must change now. Right? Time to get ready for the party now.

It’s a Sexy Vampiress Wicked Kiss Party!

Our guests were never in short supply. I mean, who doesn’t want to cum to a party at a mansion in the woods? That’s both creepy and tantalizing all at once. Right? My Master has grown cold and needing a new bitch to get his “blood” racing again. But, that’s okay. I don’t have time to fret over his swinging moods. I move as if… The door chimes went off like clockwork as I slid into my naughtiest, most wicked-looking dress. My heels are next and my signature red lips. She ready! Haha.

There’s no need to put on anything else. Hell, even the dress and heels would be off faster than a jack-rabbit diving into a hole. All the pretense of being a human woman is so gone even I can’t believe it. It seems as if I was just her like YESTERDAY. But, it turns out that was nearly a year ago. Remembering is harder than I’d think. Looking back at my broken-down car in these same woods. However, it was long ago… before I met him.

Before My Sexy Vampiress Wicked Kiss…

Yeah. It was quite the kiss and I craved more. I can recall how it happened as if it were yesterday. He was a relentless and voracious lover… for a while. His text came through on my phone. It took way too long. Wondering where you went. I thought we were doing good. Some days, he’d call me up; we’d both be lost in love land. One minute, he’s upon me, then turns and leaves me lonely. Sometimes, he’d be so cold. Don’t know with him what I was getting. Was I sleeping with a stranger?

He’s switching off. Did he get enough? Thinks he’s magic with his tricks and stuff. Time to pick a side. I’m a hot woman with a sexy, wicked vampiress kiss, so… Then, he disappeared and the house was mine… for now. So, partying released me from my need for him. The throb of music came from my feet to my brain. My body followed suit as my hips swayed side to side.

Get down with the Sexy Vampiress Kiss. You Know You Need it Too!

At the bottom of the stairs stood the 2 I had last night. Shirtless and wearing just pants, no shoes. They were looking like the best version of Chimpindales guys. Yum! I wanted to sink my teeth into them, but that wouldn’t help since they’re already MINE! Mmmm. Fresh meat was cumming through the door. Sauntering over to them, they bore their necks as if on queue. Now, that’s what I like. CUMpliance! In the middle of the floor stood 2 little whores I had turned by accident. What? It was a wild one last night! But, sometimes, there are casualties. Haha.

I don’t bother giving them sexy attire just to have it land in a heap on the floor. My new meat availed themselves of the lustful chicks as the blood flowed onto my floors. Before long, we wear all in the mix of debauchery. I LOVE THAT shit! Soon, I’d have an entire ARMY of the dead and at my disposal. Just how I like it. Many hands (or teeth) make for short work, right? Dicks slammed my thirsty holes until we collapsed in a frenzy. Want to party with a wicked chick in the woods, Baby? So, Cum & Get Your Sexy Vampiress Kiss via phone sex!

But first, you need to be invited in… Then, you’ll join the club!Vampiress Sexy Wicked Kiss