In this crazy world, more things are becuming games performed within the home., as bedroom games.  It’s safer that way…at least you know the people in your home…don’t you? Let’s get a little creative and talk about some taboo shit. You know…Bedroom Games! The kind of games your co-workers and family members have NO IDEA you’d like to…or, already DO…PLAY! Well, now’s the time to lay our shit bare! Shall we? Giggle

Bedroom games are the types that occur inside the privacy of our brains. All the freaky-deaky shit that we’re too afraid of being “judged” over.  The kinds of ideas that set us on fire…at least those of us with a healthy sex drive.  Ideas that spawn real activities…A little Mitress/Slave bondage when the co-workers have no idea? Don’t want the people in the front pew to know that you dominate your wife, or your daughter is your personal fucking cum-dumpster?

Talk to Daddy in your best young-girl voice, a voice that turns sweet Papa into your personal cuckold?

Thrust your pussy in his face and watch him dry hump the air just thinking about plunging that slippery, soft cunt? Mom wants to suck her good boy’s cock and swallow his cream as he sucks your asshole into submission. Oh…a good-old creampie after dinner is just what you need before bedtime.

So, if you are BLESSED enough to have a woman who welcums you home after a stressful day, by dropping to her knees, taking that throbbing member into her mouth and drink from you as if you were the fountain of youth, fuck her brains out! Show her you appreciate the fervor with which she gives of herself before, during and after your bedroom games.

Then take your perfect little lady out, to dinner, to the parents, to church.

Show her off as the graceful and chaste creature the world sees her as. Then take her home and turn her into the whore she was meant to be…just for you!

I’m my man’s personal slut. And he never complains because I’m an EXCELLENT sharer. Giggle I can teach it to you. Summer School just started. Sign up for the 411 necessary to survive the summer heat!!! Call me. Enrollment is limited. Haha

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