I pride myself on being a good girlfriend to my guy. He’s a nice, romantic guy as well, so we are a good match. I wanted to do something sweet, so I got some sexy, Christmas lingerie, red satin with white feather trim, it is so cute! I put it on and wore nothing but a coat on over top of it and packed a nice little lunch for us and dropped into his office. I knew he had a good deal of privacy and he’s one of the senior partners, so no one would interrupt him if his girlfriend dropped in for an unexpected little lunch.

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I walked in and locked his door and removed my coat and I could tell by the look in his eyes, and the growing tent in his pants, that he liked what he saw. I unpacked the lunch on his desk, and we ate. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me as he ate. He knew I was dessert! I said I thought he’d appreciate this little romantic gesture and he said indeed he did. After we finished, I walked over to his side of the desk and I straddled him in his office chair, my legs draped over the arm rests, the crotchless panties giving him full view of my exposed cunt. I reached down and squeezed his dick through his pants and it was hard as a rock and he quickly unzipped and slid it into me.

I gasped as I felt it enter me, I always loved how he fucked me and he grabbed me by the hips and I was grinding against his cock, my clit all stiff and my whole pussy soaked with my own juices. He groped at my breast and freed it from it’s satin covering and popped the hard nipple in his mouth and he sucked on it and drove me wild, and I bucked up and down on him in his chair, hoping no one outside his door knew what we were up to. We tried to be quiet, but his chair squeaked a little, I doubt anyone would have noticed though.

I could feel him throbbing inside of me and we kissed each other passionately and deeply as he fucked me there and I could feel the first waves of orgasm approaching. I bucked and I squeezed my cunt muscles around him, milking him into me and I came on his cock.I then slid off of him and down to the floor and I took his still dripping cock into my mouth and licked my own juices off of his cock. I always liked being a little slut for him and doing that and I know he loved it.

I sucked on his balls, as I slid his warm, wet cock up and down in my hand.

I knew I could get a second load out of him if I worked it hard and it wasn’t long until I did and I swallowed every drop out of him. He loved having me as his girlfriend since I was just as horny as he was and we fucked so much. He whispered in my ear how much he loved me and I thought he was romantic, as well as horny, always a good combination.

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