I go with one of my girlfriends to a bar it’s saint Patrick’s Day so you know it will be packed with plenty of drunks ready for a fuck. We start with a shot and head to the dance floor, severs keep bringing around trays of drinks we grab a shot glass off the trays each time they pass by. Finally we start feeling a little tipsy and the night turns into a party. We spot a guy, looking good and as drunk as we are. We dance and grind all over him me in front of him with my ass all in his hands. She is in front of me with my hands on her hips, she leans back and whispers lets take him in the bathroom and have some fun with him. A saint Patrick’s day three way does sound fun. The great thing about alcohol is it gives you the courage to do a three way in public and yet gives you the excuse to act like a slut.

We grab him by the hand and lead him into the ladies room another great thing is its small so we all are up against each other and the door locks which gives us all the uninterrupted time we need. I’m all up for an audience but an audience can put an abrupt stop on time. He leans me over the sink pull reaches under my skirt and pulls down my panties she sits on the sink so when he leans me over the sink I can eat her pretty little pussy while he sliding his cock in an out of my tight wet pussy.

I feel his cock pull almost all the way out and push all the way back into my pussy making wet and making my moans loud. He grabs me by the hips and pushes deep inside me while my tongue goes deep inside her. He then makes us switch places shoving his wet cock into her ass while she licks my wet pussy. Her tongue slides down my pussy and she slips her tongue right to my ass. I feel her tongue going in circles all around my ass. Then he stops and pulls his cock out and cums all over her nice ass. Drunk public sex has since become my favorite along with three ways.

Kelsey (1023)