My boyfriend loved playing video games.. So I got his attention back the best way I know how – and made him pay for ignoring me. 😉

Guys will be guys, right? They love video games. And I’ll be honest, I’m a gamer too – sometimes I get more into the game than anything else. Howeverrr..sometimes he starts ignoring me. And that’s one thing you shouldn’t do when you have a little tease for a girlfriend. We’ll make you pay for it. 😉It was just the usual thing.. Middle of college, he’d been spending a lot more time in his dorm, playing one of the new Call of Duty games that had come out. The text messages stopped being as often, the flirt nature had reduced to almost nothing (unless he wanted something late-night!) So, being a naughty little girl.. I decided it was time to reclaim my attention. He didn’t think he could ignore me so much and get away with it, right? It started off slow. I did the same thing he did, pulling away.. but when I did message, call, or hang around him, I was as flirty as possible. I’d wink, I’d smile, laugh, whisper naughty things to him when no-one was looking, just so he’d be stuck with the idea lingering in his head for a few hours. But the master plan didn’t unveil until we were back at his apartment for the weekend.

It’s Friday night and the weekend is going to be a busy one for him. Games all night, movie on Saturday with the guys and drinks after that, and a football game to watch on Sunday. Now, normally..I would be down for all of that. Video games? Yes. Drinking? Fuck yes. Football game snacks and watching the idiots yell at a tv screen? HELL yes. But he was in trouble, so my naughty mind went to work and I thought up of all the ways I could torture him with some tease and denial. I came up behind him casually as he was playing one of his games.. I was spending the weekend over since I didn’t want to stay at home. He was so caught up in the screen that he didn’t realize what I was wearing until I’d laid down on the coffee table in front of him. I acted like I just wanted a prime view of all the craziness going on in the game.. but I was wearing one of his black button-down shirts, open and loose, like a little dress..and no panties on. I still recall the muffled little whimper that he choked down when I lifted up my legs a little, causing them to spread, and giving him a sweet little look of my pussy.

He almost dropped the controller when I looked back and winked at him, but he kept his cool..So after a little while I got up again, continuing my little game of tease and denial, and I got on his lap, laying right across it. He acted like he didn’t mind, or even notice.. but the hard-on in his pants told a different story..

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