Tease and Denial Part I Here

Unfortunately.. as much as I loved giving my college boyfriend a little hell, I couldn’t keep it up forever.. not when he got revenge!

I made sure to give him some extra trouble. Every time he looked like he was getting over the fact that I was on his lap, I’d squirm or move around a little. I could feel his boner poking me a little through his basketball shorts, and I was loving it. It felt like it wanted to escape. Feeling how big it was under me even got me a little wet.. which, I think he could tell, because he started getting more anxious – and harder. My punishment of tease and denial was working. And soon enough he put down the controller and gave up, trying to kiss me, touch me.. do whatever it took to finally get to fuck me. But I shot him down every time.
He’d start kissing his way down, ready to go in and claim his prize, and I’d pull him back up and order him to go back to his video games. He rolled his eyes and acted like a sad, spoiled little kid – every time. And every time, I gave him an evil little smirk and lean in to kiss him.

“What do I have to do? When can I fuck you?” His pleas got a little bit more desperate. He could see it..he could smell how wet and juicy it was, and yet, he couldn’t touch it. I’d smack his hand away every time. He’d play with his shorts uncomfortably like he needed to let it out.. The more I teased him, the more frustrated he got, and I loved seeing the way he looked at me, like he needed me more than anything in the world. But after a little while.. our little game of tease and denial got turned on me. He just picked me up like I weighed next to nothing, carrying me to the wall so that he could get really close, and show off some of his strength. It drove me crazy right from the start. He pushed my hair aside, leaning in to kiss me, and lightly thrusting against me. He knew I could feel his cock through his shorts, and I wasn’t wearing any panties. The little devil was turning it on me..and unfortunately, I broke easy.

The goal was to give in eventually, but he went for it with everything he had. He whispered in my ear, he kissed my neck, he aggressively held me against the wall when I tried to get down.. and he had me pinned in a way that I could feel his cock rubbing against me with every breath. He got what he wanted by the end of the night..and I loved it. Maybe torturing him for a little while is just what I need sometimes. To get him to give me everything I want..


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