A Night Out Turned into one that I’ll Never Forget!

A night out I will never forget, I thought I was just going to a regular spa day, but I quickly found out what I was in for. After working all week long, pulling double shifts, and long hours, I decided I wanted a night out! I had plans to go get my nails, and hair done. I really just wanted a spa day. After all, I deserved it! My friend had given me a pamphlet about this Spa she likes to go to, I called and booked my all-day session! I was so looking forward to the deep tissue massage, facial masks, and acupuncture. After I went to the salon to get my nails and hair done I got into my car, and set my GPS, since I had never been there or heard about this place before, I took off and got onto the interstate.

I drove for about 45-50 minutes before I arrived. I was so anxious to get there it felt like it was taking hours, not minutes to get there. The building was beautiful and refreshing! The valet took my car, and the doorman opened the door to enter the building. I went to the receptionist to tell them I was there. As soon as I started to say “Bre—“I was cut off by a woman wearing a white dress with white flats, her hair was blonde and she was beautiful! I was thrown off as to how she even knew my name before I said it, this was just the beginning of a night with would forever change my life.

She took me back into my Spa room and a big black male masseuse in an all-white uniform was facing the countertop.

As I got undressed I realized what he was doing on the countertop, he got the oils, lotions, and the hot rocks prepped. I lay on the table with the warm sheet lying gently on my behind, I felt the warm oils soothe my skin as his big black hands started to really rub deep into my back and it felt GREAT! I had caught myself moaning a few times! “How embarrassing is this? Am I actually moaning from a massage”? As he was going down the small of my back I felt something that I wasn’t hoping to feel on my night out!

My pussy started to get wet just by the touch of this man! “How is this even possible”?! I was thinking to myself. “You’re only like this because he’s massaging you, nothing more nothing less”. I kept telling myself that, but as he came back up to the middle of my back, I knew something was going to happen and I wasn’t sure what yet. The lady who brought me in was gone now, so it was just us.

I flipped over on the table so he could rub my arms, and he asked me what I was doing later. A little shocked I respond “Oh nothing, just going to a bar about 30 minutes up the interstate. How about you”? His answer put me in total shock, he said: “Why later? Why not now? Let’s go! I want to go to the bar with you and I am coming with you”.

Nothing felt better than walking out of that place, into my car, and to the bar.

He rode with me, so I knew I would have to drive him back, but he was polite and stayed on his side of the car the entire time! I was a little surprised since his hands had been all over my naked body already! When we arrived at the bar it was still early, so I sat in my car for a few seconds longer than he did, he was already inside when we got there. He ordered us drinks before I walked over to him, and sat across from him, confused and shocked “What do you want with me”?

Well, he explained himself and said that his wife is no longer able to please him sexually because something was “wrong”, but she cannot keep him happy in the sex department, so he goes to a different Day Spa to try to find a woman worth calling his wife to tell her about, but when I walked in, he knew he wanted to bring me home and fuck me while his wife and I play around. He wanted someone to fuck long-term. He was so fucking Hot I was ready then!

I was very open to this idea on my night out.

I needed to know what was wrong with her. His response made me choke a little on my drink. Serious face and all and said, “I beat her pussy up to bad last time we fucked”. I actually giggled a little bit and said, then drive me to your house and let’s meet your wife!

We drove down the interstate and side roads, until we finally pull up in front of this beautiful white house, barn style almost, and his wife walks out, and greeted us! She was so sweet! Now I felt really uncomfortable, she’s beautiful! So is he! Mm! I was so turned on at that very moment! They didn’t waste a bit of time taking me to their bedroom, showing me how they do this. They both were feeling my boobs, and pussy, it was so arousing! His cock got hard and I was almost begging to get fucked by that cock!

I had never fucked a black man, but today that was all about to change!

She laid me down on the bed and took my clothes off of me; he licked my pussy for almost 10 minutes before he stuck that big fat cock into my pussy! He teased me with that cock, and slipped it up and down my pretty little slit, teasing my clit with that BBC. Mm! He slipped the tip of it in and I thought I was going to explode!

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