A Mother’s Love Never Ends. Fuck Away Until You Nut!

A horny guy once told me a story proving that a mother’s love never ends. His family moved from New York to Florida. Grandma (We’ll call her “Nonna”) began to miss her small granddaughter and decided to visit for a while. It was getting cool in NY and the weather in Florida, it was picture perfect. 

Proof That a Mother’s Love Never Ends.

His mother decided that she ‘could get used to this‘. This visit led to several more and eventually, she and his stepfather bought a condo. They would become snowbirds for the winter. So, about a year later they decided it was time to move full-time. His stepfather needed more time to get things together.  Ultimately, his mom came down before him. She didn’t want to make the long drive by herself, so she asked if he would fly up and they’d drive her car back. When he arrived they packed and got on the road early the next morning. The plan was to do it in two days, stopping Saturday night in South Carolina and then back on the road on Sunday.

However, when they got to Virginia, in true a mother’s love never ends way,  she said they should stay the night. They got a room and after checking in she made her way to the shower as he ordered dinner. The food arrive just when she came out wearing a towel. They ate and then he showered. But, when he came out, she was fast asleep.

Oh, A Mother’s Love Never Ends!

Sometime around midnight, He was awakened by her sitting on the edge of his bed saying she needed to talk to him and put her hand on his thigh. She told him that she and his stepfather haven’t been intimate in a while. His facial expression was sure to be a  perplexed one. Like ‘why are we talking about this, especially now.’ Her hand moved up his leg further and she asked if he thought she was still attractive. He said yes, and she leaned in and kissed him, I mean she KISSED him!!

It felt like her tongue was going to get stuck down his throat as her hand found its way to his dick. He knew she was his mother, and a mother’s love never ends. But NO WAY did he want it to stop! So, he pulled her down on the bed and began exploring her body with his mouth. She had a banging body, especially for a 68-year-old woman. You’ll never see a hotter G.I.L.F! He caressed and sucking her tits as she was stroking his rock-hard cock. Her voice seductively said she wanted to taste him!

A Need to Release!

She swallowed him deep. Proof-positive that a mother’s love never ends. So, he returned the favor. She screamed, “FUCK ME BABY!!!”. Then she climbed on top of him and slid her soaked pussy down on him. Watching his mother’s tits bouncing was almost too much for him to handle. She slowed down. “I need this to last longer!”. They collapsed and kissed while she stroked him and he fingered her pussy. This was even hotter than the granny phone sex he’d been watching.

Then, she went doggy position and told him fuck her again. He got behind her and rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy lips. In a louder voice, she told him again,  “fuck me!!”. He grabbed her hips and slammed inside her.  She let out a sigh of pleasure and pushed back on him with every thrust. He felt her hand rubbing her pussy while he was driving in & out. Their rhythm was in sync and before he knew it she was cumming and buried her face into the pillow yelling a scream of ecstasy.

More of a Mother’s Love Never Ends!

He told her he was close and she clamped onto his cock so that he couldn’t pull out. He told her, I’m going to cum Mommy!” The next morning they headed out. They stopped again and repeated the night before. Oh, it’s STILL going on! Wanna relive with Mommy? Call me!