Tease, Edge, Deny…Oh The neighborhood naughty G.I.L.F. is on the loose! You know…there are many ways to have sex and many different types of women to float just about any man’s boat. But, something that has becum the new phenom…the G.I.L.F.  For those who’ve missed it…that’s a G.ranny, I.’d L.ove T.o F.uck! Got it? What? Never heard of one? Where the hell have YOU been? Well, this one?  This one is SPECIAL..This G.I.L.F. is my mother! Yes. You heard it. My Mom is the local G.I.L.F. in the little French town of my youth.  And she’s one hot-ass number! She’s best known for her ability to tease men of all ages…then edge and deny them with her naughty ways…She’s been at it for YEARS! Welcum to her nasty world of debauchery…

Seriously…from the earliest memories I have, my Mom was the most gorgeous woman ANYONE had ever seen.  Other women, of all ages, lusted after her. But, not just for her beauty, but also for her sensuousness…it is undeniable. And it’s why my Dad has never left her side.  And he’s no cuckold husband…He just knows her worth and he’ll pay (one way, or another) to keep her.

My friends would be wowed when they were reminded that at 30, I have older siblings with children who are 20ish, so my Mom’s not some soccer Mom in her 40’s…she’s every bit 60 + and she struts that stuff like a bespoke suit.  And as a teen, our pool parties were clamoring with teenage boys and their fathers who would cum to pick the boys up. The word was out…my Mom wore the skimpiest of Brazilian string bikinis and she didn’t so much as have a healed over scar anywhere on that luscious body.

She also had a scent that lingered long after she had departed a room…and her pussy was the flavor of fresh pineapple; a  trick she’d long since passed on to me and my sisters.  her hair smelled of coconuts and wildflowers.  She smelled good enough to drink. But, from the town gossip, her smell was just the lure…Men left entire families on the hopes of being owned by my Mom, the G.I.L.F.! Why? tease, Edge and Denial…She is a nuaghty G.I.L.F.

Her grandbabies shake their collective heads…there are 7 of them. And she’s a wonderful Granny. She bakes and plays board games and pushes swings…But, when the lights go down around our sleepy little hamlet, Mom goes to work sucking cocks and pussies alike…She straps on her BBC and gives it to them up the ass as they cry out her name. Dad sometimes watches, but mostly he leaves her to her work.

We all take turns bringing home young dicks for Mommy and Dad takes care of bringing the troops in from the older set…She’s an insatiable junkie for sex and it’s our job to keep her fed! She’s given up her fancy wardrobe, she never has time to get dressed.  She showers, applies fresh makeup and lipstick, a spritz of her signature parfum and back to the naughty  business of pleasing men she goes! She teases them mercilessly, gyrating her body in the most sensual, dancer types of way: then denying them the pleasures they so eagerly seek…Patience is a virtue Is it not?

I’ve learned so much from Mommy over the years. I can’t wait to becum a M.I.L.F. and if the family genes hold out…a G.I.L.F. when the time cums…Want to know how I’m prepping for the big job? Call me and I’ll let you hear some things you only imagined to be true! Giggle



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