Liam was a man trapped in a boys body. It was his senior year and I knew he would be off to college in the fall. There was something about him – a man trapped in a boys body.  It was a warm June day, I knew it was time to explore erotic experiences with the boy next door.

There was something about him that peaked my curiosity.  Could it be his broad shoulders, lean abs or maybe it was that shy boyish look?  Maybe he was a man trapped in a boys body?   I needed to free him. The innocent warm smile that appeared on his face, each time I said his name.  A few months ago, Liam knocked on my door, offering his lawn cutting and pool cleaning services.  I couldn’t refuse – I had an ulterior agenda. That wouldn’t be the only services he would be completed for the sexy and horny lady next door.

Liam arrived at my house bright and early the next day. By the time I rolled out of bed he was already hard at work.  I watched him from my bedroom window as he pushed the heavy mower the length yard.  He was a sight for sore eyes.  The muscles on him were amazing – his young body just shimmered, as he worked up a sweat.  I couldn’t help myself, as my mind started to wander. I slowly slide my fingers down inside my now drenched panties.  It didn’t take long to get myself off.

I came within minutes of watching his young body hard at work. Catching my breath and breathing in deeply – the aroma of my wet pussy filled the air ever so gently. I know it was wrong, but I didn’t care.  The things I would do to his young muscled body if I had the chance. The temptation grew stronger and stronger.

Gaining my composer, I walked outside and handed Liam a tall glass of Lemonade.  “Thank you, Miss Raven,”  he said.  “No need to call me Miss Raven”  I replied I could feel his eyes undressing me.  I didn’t realize my nipples were still hard.  That boyish smile appeared yet again on his face.  Intensely watching me. Did he just get caught with his hand in the cookie jar? <wicked lil smile>   Being that he was only human, he couldn’t take his eyes off them. It didn’t take much for the young boy to turn into a man.  Putting him out of his misery, I told him I was going for a shower and left him to finish his sweet tea.

In my little fantasy, I took his strong hands and placed them on my firm nipples.  I closed my eyes and visioned a boy with a touch of a man, as my fingers began working their magic. I continued to tease myself.  Masturbating to the hard body sight. Slipping my finger deep and slip it slowly around my perky little clit.  Suddenly the sliding glass door opened and Liam was standing there watching me.  I almost didn’t want to stop – I wanted to invite him to touch the woman standing before him.

Slowly I  removed my hands from my shorts.  A little embarrassed, I was the one caught with my hand in the cookie jar.  “Don’t stop.” escaped from his mouth, as he made his way over to me. With a grin on his face, Liam said “Let me help you with that. I’ve been watching you.” He took my hands and placed them at my sides. I was the naughty neighbor, the hot older woman he couldn’t wait to taste. Without even hesitating, he slid his hand ever so gently between my thighs and slipped two fingers inside my wet pussy.  Kissing me deeply, as he worked his fingers into me. Lowering his lips to my already wet snatch. Tasting me, as he slid his tongue from my pussy to my ass.  I didn’t last long –  I came within moments.

As he swooped me up and placed me on the bed.  He slipped between my legs and parted my non-resistant legs, he released his cock from his tight jeans. He earnestly gazed deep into my eyes as he entered me. Taking me, fucking me, making me one with him. Taking over my body for what seemed like hours. He fucked me as hard as he possibly could. My body quivered with pleasure, as I came harder and more than I ever had done in years.

Filling my pussy with his hot cum. Fucking until he filled. Pounding away at me until he came over and over again inside me. The next few weeks were very steamy. Almost like I was a teenager again – waiting eagerly to be aroused, pleased and fucked by the boy next door. The man trapped in a boy’s body.   Liam was no longer a boy — he was a man!  A man with lots of experience under his belt.  He knew just how to please a woman with Ass Worship. Over the next couple weeks — Liam introduced his Virgin girlfriend to me.  I loved teaching her how to explore her own body, as well as take care of Liam’s needs like a real woman. Call me for the naughty details.

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a man trapped in a boys body

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