I love a good fuck. Getting pounded hard and squirting all over a guy’s cock and balls make me so happy! I love it when he wants to cum inside me, sure. But there is one thing that never compares! It’s also very good for the skin. Hehe! I am talking about a nice facial. When we want to use my pretty little face for his cum. It’s so sexy and makes me feel so powerful. I make guys want to cum on my face and that is something to be proud of!

We had been fucking for a while and I was very content with how our sex went. He’s good fuck and knew how to make me cum like a geyser! Sure a lot of guys can make me cum but it takes a special talent to make me squirt all over. He had come over almost every part of my body and treated me like his dirty little whore. Which I absolutely love. And wanted him to show me how dominant he could be.

He came to me one night and told me there was something that he had been wanting to do, but doesn’t have the courage to ask. I explained to him that he didn’t need to ask me about a lot. I had already set the ground rules for our sex and there was not much left to cover. I was open to a lot of things and hoped that he would do what he wished with my body. I was open to doing anything that he wished! But he was a little shy, I guess.

He began by ripping my clothing off and throwing me onto the bed. He then ate my pussy slobbered all over it making it wet and slippery. Right after that, he turned me over and spanked me a little. After my ass was hot and red he lifted my hips up and lick my little asshole. I was so happy that I couldn’t help but cum very quickly. He gave a little chuckle and slurped up every drop of my cum.

He ripped all of his clothing off and got up behind me. He gripped my hips and spanked my ass so hard that I squealed aloud. He shoved his rock hard dick into my tight little wet pussy. He fucked me so hard that I came with three times within 10 minutes. Dripping my juices all down his cock and balls! Then he flipped me over and shoved his cock back in making me squirt all over my clean sheets. He loved it and spanked my little cunt making me squirt a little more.. he then shoved two fingers into me and finger fucked me for a minute.

He popped his fingers out of my pussy and into my mouth where I cleaned up my juices for him. He shoved his stiff dick back into me and bit my hard nipples and choked me a little. I smiled as came again. He pulled out of me and spanked my cunt again and stroked his big cock. He crawled over the top of me and said “Open that pretty mouth for me.” I was so excited to see what could happen! He then shot his warm load all over my face and tongue. The look on his face was unforgettable. That’s what he wanted and I loved it. “You never have to ask permission to do that to me, baby. I love you using my face.” I said before sucking his cock into my mouth sucking up every drop of cum from inside.

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