But on the other hand, coming home meant I could breathe easy, relax, and maybe play with my favorite dog in the world—Kaiser.

Kaiser was a young, Siberian husky who was my world. That dog was always excited to see me, no matter how cranky or irritable I looked. He was like the perfect boyfriend, who loved me for who I was and always made me feel better. Whether he was licking my face, or snuggling with me on the couch, Kaiser was the best dog in the world.

After one particularly rough day at work, I slammed the door, took off my shoes, and stomped my way into the house. Kaiser was waiting, looking at me with those innocent eyes, and started licking my toes to say hi. I instantly cheered up, and giggled as his moist nose ran along my feet. It always felt good when he showed his affection.




I gave Kaiser a dog treat and flopped on the couch. Kaiser jumped up immediately and cuddled on my chest, wagging his tail. He sat on top of me and made me feel loved, then started kissing my ear and smelling my light brown hair. I know some may find it naughty, or even repulsive, but I actually found myself getting a little turned on.

Kaiser knew how to love me like no one else did. And after a long day of work, he made me feel special.

As Kaiser licked my ears, I touched myself over my pants. I lightly started to rub, finding a special rhythm with the dog’s licking. Kaiser sat on my large breasts and it felt good to have his weight there. He kept licking my face and I unzipped my pants, pulling them down slightly, exposing my bare, shaved pussy.

Kaiser must have smelled my passion, because he started to sniff the air—he could smell my warm, aroused vagina. I watched him try to find the source of the smell, it was cute to watch, and finally I guided him between my legs. He instantly started to smell and lick my pussy, lapping at my labia, his long wet tongue wanting to taste my arousal. I pressed my hands on my chest, squeezing my nipples hard while my dog licked my clit. Although he didn’t know what he was doing, or maybe he did, Kaiser was bringing me to an orgasm.

His cute puppy tongue gently grazed my asshole and I started to moan.

Any other man in the world would try to fuck me there, but Kaiser kept licking me. Eventually he rugged dog tongue hit a spot on my clit that made me explode in euphoria. My legs shook as Kaiser kept licking, making his master feel good.

After I came back from the sensation, I cuddled with Kaiser my little k-9 companion a little more, showing him my appreciation by scratching his neck. Then I got up to feed Kaiser some dog food. Although he had already eaten me, he needed some real food to lick up.

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