I AM The Christmas Party!

I get lots of people presents for Christmas. But I always like to get myself one as well. This year though I decided to get myself a different kind of present. Not a designer handbag, or a weekend away, but a naughty present I would appreciate a lot more. I got myself two men for Christmas, I gifted myself with a threesome. A party of three is pretty small. But it was the best party I ever had! I asked a couple of male friends of mine if they were interested in such a party and they both jumped on board for the little Christmas sex party I was planning.

This Was My Christmas Present To Me

The night of the threesome arrived and I had snacks and drinks out and our little party began. I was wearing some sexy Christmas lingerie and I could immediately see their cocks rising to the occasion in approval. I kissed one of my guests and began rubbing the cock of the other. And we were all soon naked and running our hands over one another’s bodies. I’d had a threesome once years before and had thought of it so many times since. I wanted to give myself the gift of another threesome and this was turning out great.

Two Cocks For One Horny Girl

Casey party
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We moved the festivities to the bedroom, and I was on all fours.I was paying attention to one cock with my mouth and feeling the other guy behind me squeezing my ass cheeks. And rubbing his hard dick up and down my juicy slit. Just begging to be told to finally slide it inside and when he did, it felt fantastic. I was filled with cock at both ends, sucking and deep throating one dripping cock. And getting pounded by the other as he grabbed at my tits. My nipples were hard, as was my clit, which I was rubbing frantically as I was getting fucked from behind.

My party took a dirty turn.And when one of my naughty boys asked if I’d be willing to be double penetrated. And  I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I got my friend I’d been sucking off to lay down on his back.  I straddled him and slide his dick deep inside of me. And then I leaned forward over his chest. And the one that had been fucking me in my pussy pushed his hard, wet cock into my ass. I had the two of them moving in unison inside of me. I’d never been so filled up with cock in my life.

It Was The Best Party Ever!

I gasped when I felt them both moving in me at the same time. The one I had his dick in my cunt began to suck my nipples. I could feel my clit grinding on the base of his shaft. And the other slowly moving in and out of my ass. I could feel the orgasm welling up within me. And all of a sudden I started contracting with my orgasm and then both cocks went off inside of me. I could feel jets of hot cum shooting inside and we lay there, catching our breath and all sticky. It was quite the Christmas party we had!

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