7 Minutes in Heaven

Have you ever played 7 minutes in heaven? You know that silly game middle school and high schoolers play at parties. It’s a fun one but only if done right. I remember hearing the girls talking about how nervous they were to go into the closet with a boy. What if he touches me? What if he kisses me? I seriously wanted to laugh in their faces.

It was getting late at a party on a Saturday evening. I had just turned 15 the day before. I was ready for all the more modest kids to get picked up by their parents so that we could really start the fun. After the party had died down some I suggested 7 minutes in heaven. Of course the boys perked up and the girls started to get that nervous laugh on.

I told them that I wanted to go first! I picked Seth to go with me into the closet. I’d had a thing for Seth for a few months now. I knew he liked me as well. I was so ready to rock his world and make him never forget the 7 minutes we spent together.

As soon as he shut the door I started the clock and dropped to my knees and pulled his pants off.

The gasp that left his mouth is one I’ll never forget. He braced himself against the wall as I pulled his now very hard cock out of his pants. I started to lick around his head and then suck on it like a lollypop. I wrapped my hand around the base as I was sucking him in deeper and deeper.

So I could taste the pre-cum starting to suck into my mouth and it made me suck him harder. I wanted to taste more of him so badly. He put his hands into my hair and pushed me onto his cock. That’s when I felt him stiffen even more and erupt into my mouth! I looked down and the timer and saw that we’d just hit 6 minutes. I stood up, pulled his pants up and opened the door.

We both had the biggest smiles on our faces knowing that I made him spray cum all down my throat. I rock his world that night. He will never forget it!

7 minutes in heaven

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