.The night Sex Games changed my life. I walked in on Tommy already all sexed up just getting off the phone with some Phone Sex Porn Goddess. Kassidy was good & knew exactly what Tommy liked. That Doggy dick sliding in and out of her tight sweet pussy. I guess he was getting ready for the night. We’d had planned our first party together. Tommy & I have been dating for 6 months now. Things have been great. I showed up early to help him get ready. We got the keg out all the food. The Music was ready.

Everyone started to show. There was 4 couples plus Tommy & I. We all was having a great time drinking and Talking to each other, We knew this party wasn’t going to be like others. Tommy & I knew 3 of the couples were Swingers. Something we wanted to try. Mike, Suzy’s husband suggested we played 7 Minutes of Heaven a sex game. We were all down to play.

~Mike Explained the rules~

Selecting two people at random.

Sending the chosen two into the room for a private 7 minutes. Don’t forget to close the door!

Letting the chosen two out of the room at the end of 7 minutes.

Anything goes


Let the Game Begin

Mike looked at Suzy and said you go first. Suzy asked Larry to go to the close first. Larry grabs Suzy hand n led her to the closet.  The door shut and Mike started the timer. After a few mins, you could hear stuff moving around in the closet everyone listening for anything exciting. Larry was letting out some pretty loud grunts.  Mike went over and knocked on the door when the 7 mins were up. Telling Suzy and Larry time was up. Suzy walked out first reaching up to Mikes likes and kissing him deeply. You could tell she was swirling something into Mikes’ mouth. If I had to guess Mike just became a cum eating man.

Larry’s Pick

Being New Larry went directly after me. Hearing my Name  “Brittany” has never got my heart beating so fast. Luckily the beer was doing the trick and my panties were wet. I was glad to hear. He also had picked Eric. Eric was Tommy’s best friend. He was cute. Dark hair, blue eyes and someone I knew well. Eric grabs my hand looked at Tommy and Smiled. Tommy knotted his head to me and said have fun.

Eric shut the door turned off the light. I felt his hand reach around my waist and pull me into him. He kissed me deeply as he was reaching up my skirt. Pulling my thong down. Sliding them down my legs I went with it. It was kinda exciting to feel how wet I was by another man taking me. He led me to the floor had me on all fours sucking his cock in no time. I had his 8 inches in my mouth working on slobbing his thick knob. When I felt something start licking my cunt. I was honestly lost in the moment to really even care who at the point. I was drunk and needed to be fucked.


Taking it Doggy Style

Eric patted my back and I felt two paw-like feet latch onto my hips.  God, Ill I could do is gasp as I was being taken Hard! Eric held my head down on his cock as he was fucking my mouth. I was being taken by force in both directions. Whoever or whatever pounding my pussy was relentless. I was cumming hard within mins. They were not stopping. As I was cumming it seemed as this cock that was pounding me was getting larger. Almost to the point where I was being stretched. Just went I thought I couldn’t take it anymore I felt this Hot Load of cum shoot inside of me. Protesting trying to stop it.

Eric started gagging me This Thick throbbing cock was exploding. Try to squirm away from this cock in my cunt. I couldn’t pull away. It was like I was locked to this cock and had to take it. Eric wrapped his arms around my shoulders and kept me in his lap. I felt this Large cock plump from my pussy. Leaking what must have had been a gallon of cum.

The sex games secret was revealed

Eric Kissed me and Shhhh its ok Tommy knows everything. Your now a K9 slut darling. Don’t worry we are all. Why do you think we left Rover in the closet. He just had Larry’s ass white Suzy was sucking his cock. Did you really think this was just a regular night of 7 minutes of Heaven? I smack Eric and ran out of the closet to Tommy’s room crying. What have I just done? Tommy came after me shutting the door and Kissed me. Telling me I was exactly what he wanted now. Saying Babe Eric said you cummed and Loved it. What had I just done? I let Rover just fuck me! Tommy started Kissing me and rubbing his hands down my hips. sliding a figure in that doggy cum.

Kissing his way down my body.

Getting to that swollen pussy and looking up at me when he took a Big Lick catching that leaking cum. He loved it! It felt good feeling his tongue smooth my cunt. After the beating, it took I deserved it. I tried not to think about what I had just done but I couldn’t get it out of my head. The thought of I having Animal Sex was kinda turning me on. Like I had never been fucked like that before! The Way he made me cum on his cock in minutes was fantastic! Even better Tommy was loving that Doggy Cummed in pussy. Felling his tongue swirl that cum in and out of my cunt was amazing. I was about to cum again!

Wanna hear more about my K9 fun. I’m only a call away. Let’s explore that Knott together

XOXO Brittany XOXO

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