So, I think I’m going to be nice and reveal five secrets about sex that most women can agree with and that most of you men have no clue about. So I want you to read this post very carefully, pay attention, and keep them in mind  the next time your doing the dirty with your woman (or women).

★ Secret Number 1: We Do Not Want You To Go For Hours! ★

Many of you men think that the most important thing to pleasing a woman is to have the sexual stamina of a marathon runner and keep thrusting into us for hours. Well we don’t want you to be like that. The problem with you going like the Energizer Bunny is that we get tired and our pussy’s get sore throughout a long sex session.  We do NOT like chafing. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. As long as you get the job done and make our bodies quiver from mind blowing orgasms, it doesn’t matter how long you go. Just keep it under 30 min please.

★ Secret Number 2: We Sometimes Just Want Sex, Not Romance ★

While all women profess a love for romantic lovemaking stuffed with candles, rose petals, and soft music, sometimes all we want is sex to be a little dirty… and well sometimes downright primal. WE WANT TO FUCK LIKE ANIMALS! We want our bodies to sweat, have scratch marks left down your back and bite marks on our shoulders, and have our hair pulled and told that we are nothing but a filthy whore. Even though romance is an important role in any sexual experience, we sometimes just want you to simply rip our panties off and have a quickie fuck session.

★ Secret Number 3- We Want YOU To Be In Charge ★

It’s a uncomplicated truth. We like being with men who are MEN. This means you must never behave like a bitch and become insecure about what you’re doing in the bedroom. Now don’t confuse this if you are a sissy male in the bedroom. Stay being that sissy male. What I’m talking about are the men that second guess every touch during sex and are like “Did I hurt you?”, “Are you sure you like that?” We want you to be confident in your actions. Simply put, act like the man we now you are when you are having sex.

★ Secret Number 4- We LOVE To Try New Things ★

There are tons of different sexual experiences that we secretly want. Whether it’s a bit of roleplaying, threesomes, BDSM, or perhaps sticking it in our ass hard, we privately fantasize about stuff you are able to do to us. The important thing to remember is that we have fantasies just like you men do. Now your job is to work hard to fulfill them all and make us squirt all over you.

And now

★ Secret  Number 5- We Love MAPs: In The Early Morning, In The Ass, On Our Periods ★

You guys are known for being ready for sex in 5 seconds. Women on the other hand have a desire for extensive foreplay. That’s precisely why many guys think ladies don’t want a “quickie” in the early morning. However the truth is lots of women secretly want a bit of sex each morning before they start the day. We especially love a quickie when it’s that time of the month and that is usually the best time when anal sex feels AWESOME! Simply put, try to initiate things each morning and you’ll be surprised at how quick your lovely lady will jump on that hard cock (either with her pussy or ass).

Hopefully you learned something and you start putting theses little secrets to use.