Anal sex is one of my favorite ways to feel a stiff hard cock penetrating inside of my tight teen body. After all, the slight pain of my ass hole being stretched to it’s max makes my cunt wet. Another beautiful babe who happens to share this desire is Adriana! The two of us love twerking our bubble butts up your North Pole any day! So, when the two of us met up at a holiday party in order to get a little turned up before we were going to go out that night. You know, a little pre-party, party.

25 Days Of Sexmas: Holiday Anal Sex Treat With My Girl Adriana!

We both showed up wearing red bodycon dresses. All eyes were on us as we walking through the door as if we owned the place. After a quick toast, the drinks were flowing amongst all the guest. However, they must have been spiked with something a little funny. After all, 10 minutes after our first drink the two of us were feeling a little bubbly. Although, we were not complaining as we began to fondle each other’s hot bodies. It must have been Molly that we took because all I wanted to do was take off her clothes.

“…and twerked our beautiful asses, taking turns exchanging playful spankings.”

Of course, I was the only thing on the spicy fucking babe’s mind as well. Adriana lunged at me grabbing my face in hers and the two of us began to make out. We were like tigresses on the prowl for each other’s hot bodies. Guys and girls attending the party began to gather around us and watch. We slipped each other from our clothes and began to grind and move on each other as someone turned on some music for us to fuck to. We danced and twerked our beautiful asses, taking turns exchanging playful spankings.

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