These days you never know who is into kinky things! When you find someone as kinky as you it’s refreshing, and it turns me the fuck on! My best friend and I went to the gym 4 times out of the week! There were all kinds of meaty men ( If you know what I mean) My best friend was always on the hunt and I can’t deny I was too! We just finish running on the treadmill and we were about to work on our squats when I notices this black guy watching us both! I slapped my friend on the ass, and she said ” Hey what was that for?”, “Look up!’ I said. She looked up and saw this guy gawking at us like fresh apple pies straight out the oven. He walked over to us and introduced himself. We giggled and he asked what were we getting into after the gym! I told him we were kinda thinking of getting into you! His eyes lit up as if he just won the lottery, and he had the biggest grin on his face! I got a piece a paper from the gym’s reception area an pen and wrote down my number and address! I whispered in his ear me and my best friend were going to shower and to meet me back at my place! He was down, I knew before he even opened his mouth. He had know idea what we had in store for him! About 2 hours later he showed up at the door, I opened the door in my sluttiest outfits in my closet, while my bestie waiting in the bedroom for me. I came in quickly and started to kiss me, I quickly pulled away and said “That’s not how this works my friend!” He had this confused look on his face, I just laughed it off. I grabbed him by his big hands and led him to the bedroom to meet his fate. There was my sexy friend on the bed with her legs wide open. I gently closed his mouth because it was hanging open, we all laughed and he said “What’s going on girls?” I told him he would find out soon enough. I told him to get down on his knees and eat my bestie’s pussy like it was his last meal. When he started I snuck away to the bathroom. I put my strap on in there because I felt I was gonna have to talk him into playing with us after he saw my little friend I was bringing to the fuck fest. Five minutes later I gently opened the door, my best friend was moaning uncontrollably and sounded like she was about to cum, then he looked up and saw me standing over him with the strap on dangling in his face! I saw fear in his eyes but I have ways to make him do whatever I wanted! Wanna know more about what happened once the fun really started?? Call me and I’ll tell you all the dirty deets!