Adventurous Sex; A Night You’ll Aways Remember As Spectacular

Adventurous Sex 

Adventurous Sex leaves you breathless but wanting more.

The night felt like I was being whisked away for some Adventurous Sex fun at the circus. I met this wild girl who took me at a cute little bar down the street. An old speak easy that is still fully operational behind and old sandwich shop. The place only seats like fifteen people at a time but it really has a lot of charm. She was so sexy standing at the bar drinking her old fashion and looking outstandingly fuckable. Short blonde finger waves, and a tight little frame made her my target for the night for sure.

We hit it off and ended up tearing each others dresses off later that night at my place. She had the sweetest taste to her sugar-coated pussy I had ever had on my tongue. The sex was very exploratory and passionate but nevertheless I was still surprised to hear from her so soon. Two days later I get an invitation from her to go the Burlesque Circus that is in town overnight. Well, I just couldn’t resist.

She dressed the part as did I and we had a lipstick smearing kiss at the car before getting in. Her lips tasted like rain and I wanted more so I aggressively distracted her from driving until she pulled over in a darkly lit neighborhood where I sucked the cum right from her Adventurous Sex loving pussy. With that juicy flavor still on my lips we were off to the circus. Finding our seats was a breeze seeing as how we were snatched right up by some of the performers and asked to be in a section of the show.

Excitedly we said of course and prepared backstage a bit.

We were to dance very seductively in a ring of fire with massive twin pythons. This would be a blast and neither one of us could wait. The tease and please is such a delicious concept. Anyone can go in and get a guy off with Adventurous Sex. GFE Phone Sex with me is something you will enjoy every thoroughly explored detail of your pleasure. Laying you down on your couch after getting so worked up from watching some dirty sexy porn together. I slither up and onto your body that drives me fucking wild.

I think of teasing and pleasing you is just so much fun. Taking all time it takes for you to squirm and ache overflowing with need and desire. One button at a time, unzipping painfully slow and loving the madness building in your eyes. You are going to cum harder than you ever have in your life, and that massive load is going to completely cover my soft smooth body. Baby, I want to bathe in you tonight. So relax and indulge in my Adventurous Sex obsession over your cock. Licking and kissing all over that ever-growing dick.

Sucking that perfectly long shaft deep into my mouth and pushing until you hit the back of my throat. Then I pull you out entirely and rub you across every inch of my body until you plead with me to give in. To get you inside of me, but instead I continue to draw out the Edge Play Phone Sex tease by sliding your stiff cock up and down my wet little slit. Then one of my favorite parts occur, you grab me and flip me onto my back.

Enough you tell me.

So that’s it, all in one demanding huff you take me in your arms, squeeze me so very tight and own my perfect pussy. Pushing you to your maximum tease tolerance capacity, and then giving you every delight and pleasure for being so sexy and fed up. These are the sexual moments this sweet slut lives for. Our imaginations are a force growing and pushing us further than either one of us has ever gone. It is a very exciting thing to allow even the most dark desires to surface and give way to.

Let us indulge in the darker side of getting off. Hard and deep is our tempo, focusing your sights in the depths of my big green eyes and trying not to cum in my tight pink pussy that grips you and milks you. I’m your cum collector and you will produce every drop I demand.

We will be worshipping today, but I will select the body of divinity for which your offerings will be played before.

I direct you to squeeze down between the pews and position yourself perfectly to lick my Adventurous Sex pussy just the way I command.  I’m going to unleash all my wrapped and wicked carnal cravings on you there. Signing your soul over to a siren of satin never felt so good. Bury the lessons of Sunday school where they will never surface again. You no longer need any of these old world values. They won’t sure you where you are going. Welcome to my underworld where your only purpose is to serve your Demigoddess of delight. You will indulge in the torture I dish until you break.

Adventurous Sex

Alyssa PSK

Alyssa is your wild side of life. She loves getting naughty with you, but loves even more talking you through rubbing the biggest one out you've ever had. Kinky fetishes and erotic role plays, Alyssa can switch up her persona to match your hard on.

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