I suppose it is time to let Zoey’s cat out of the bag.  I know you know that I haven’t been around too much the last few months.  I should go back a little ways to catch you up.  The bar I work at had this crazy awesome Halloween party full of gangbangs, bbc, tight pussy, hard cock, and of course the glow sticks.  I keep this dungeon in the basement with a massage table, ceiling harness, and bondage restraints.  I pretty much love to keep my party down there, but you know what happens when people know about your secret spot, they find it and want to play too.

So…long story short, your super slut Zoey found herself all sorts of tied up in the dungeon on Halloween. I dressed as super slut Zoey, and I definitely did the outfit justice.  So much so that I really couldn’t tell you how many cocks I sucked and fucked, or how many loads of creamy seed filled up my pussy, but what I can tell you…what I need to tell you…what I should have told you months ago….I am pregnant!

And I can’t even tell you who’s dick is making my belly grow.  I almost wish I could, but I can’t.  I have all these fellas come into the bar, married, gay, single, black, white, asian and everything in between.  It is funny how they all look at me now.  They all know they fucked me bareback.  It is funny how no one wants to say anything but they all still want to fuck me.  And you know what? I let them.  Imagine a world where a cock whore like me can just go bananas with all the cock I want.  I thought I loved bukkake before – being prego gives bukkake new definition.  A life without limits.  I already lived that life really, but now, now it is with pregnancy hormones and almost milk filled tits.

So guys, it’s like this, don’t let the pre-belly fool you, I am still ONE HOT SLUT, and if you come at me from behind, and reach your hands around my belly, I will beg you to knock me up, and you can close your eyes, and rub my belly and my swollen clit, and then up to these luscious fucking titties, and I will still rock your world.  Only  now I sleep a little more, so catch me when you can!