In my family, “you’ve got to believe in genetics” is a favorite saying.

And there *may* be some truth in that, it seems.

On my father’s side of the family, us kids are all “horn dogs”. We seem to enjoy taking our sweet-ass time finding our “mates”, sampling a little from *all* of the columns before settling down.

But when it comes to my mother’s side of the family, those kids “just know” when they’ve found “the one”. No sampling for them, no sir!

What I wanted to know is: what other kinky traits are also hard wired into our DNA when it comes to our sexuality?

The results that I found are inconclusive, simply because they can be contradictory.  However, here are some things that I *did* find interesting:

  • There are studies that say that you are more likely to be attracted to breasts if you were breastfed. (I was breastfed, I enjoy breasts, but I wouldn’t say that they are a “must-have” in my sex play)
  • Breastfed kids are also more likely to be orally fixated or smokers. (This one may actually be true for me, lol.)
  • Some say that people who are “promiscuous” were most likely sexually abused. (Not true for me! I love sex just because it’s fun!)

 I am left thinking, after my research, that the whole “genetics” theory in my family is just bullshit.  Then again, what family doesn’t have *some* bullshit in the gene pool? 😉