You call me with a confession – you’re an amateur cuckold

Your lady is fucking another man – and not just any man. One who is bigger and more dominant than an amateur cuckold. And his cock is twice as big as yours. But you’re not angry. No – far from it! It makes your little dick rock hard and dripping. And when you tell me about it, you stroke your cock and you get more and more excited the more you tell me about it. And I fucking love hearing you tell me about it – especially these things:


What are you doing while this big aggressive guy is thoroughly satisfying your girl with his huge cock?

Are you sitting in a chair, next to the bed just watching? Maybe they allow you to stroke your excited little dick, maybe they don’t.

If you’re lucky you’re next to them on the bed “helping” and probably also being abused and humiliated. They might direct you to lick his huge balls or even his asshole while he slams his cock into her pussy or her ass. Or they’ll humiliate you by slapping his cock on your face a few times. And you’ll be rewarded by being allowed to lick her feet and suck on her toes while her eyes roll back in pleasure from his huge cock pounding into her pussy.

Most certainly at some point, you will be taking that big cock in your mouth, whether you like it or not. Remember, you’re doing it because you desperately want to please her, not because you love sucking big, thick cocks. You’ll need to take it enthusiastically down your throat as deep as he wants and completely focus on pleasuring him. Your girl is watching and you want her to be proud of her good boy.

Either way, it will undoubtedly be on your mind how much bigger and more dominant this guy is than an amateur cuckold. You can’t stop thinking about the dirty things that your girl lets him do to her that you don’t get to do. You can’t remember the last time she allowed your little dick anywhere near her mouth and she’s NEVER let you fuck her beautiful little asshole. In fact, when you do have permission to cum you stroke yourself off every single time.


But he gets to do whatever the fuck he wants to her.

And you couldn’t be happier with this arrangement. You can’t get enough of the humiliation and the shame of wanting so badly to watch your girl be unfaithful. You desperately need to be her sissy cuckold boyfriend.

**This post was inspired by conversations with a very cool gentleman. You know who you are 🙂


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