What could be sexier than a wild wife?


You leave your after-work cocktail party early without me. I’m not ready to leave and want to have more fun. So what’s a wild wife like me to do? I’ll admit, I just cannot control myself.  When you and I attend your company’s after-work party at a fancy hotel uptown, we both party and get wild as shit! That’s right, we drink top-shelf liquor that flows freely, and our inhibitions disappear! Once you decide you have one too many drinks, you leave just after midnight. Shortly after, your rival co-worker, Tyler, starts to flirt outrageously with me all evening long, but I didn’t think anything of it.

A wild wife answers to no one.

After all, everyone knows that whatever I do as a wild wife at the after-work party doesn’t count as cheating, right? Because  I am tipsy and out of my mind, I finally decide to leave the party around two in the morning. Now I’m horny as fuck, and I stagger around the lobby of the hotel. I decide to call myself an Uber when Tyler whispers in my ear. He asks if he and I can share the Uber to stop at his house nearby. I know I’m married, but I plan to fuck his brains out! And my mind starts to draw lurid pictures of us fucking passionately.

I need to fuck him. Right there, right now!

Fuck yes, I make this hot after-work hookup happen immediately! My nipples perk up and my pussy throbs for him. I do my best to convince myself that no one will ever discover what a slutty wild wife  I am nor about what I want to do with your coworker Tyler. We start first by devouring each other’s mouths with sizzling hot, deep kisses. Next, we push our arousal higher and higher until we lose any resistance we have left.

The wild wife side of me is so tempted.

I get down on my knees and tear open his tailored trousers. As I moan with lust, I hungrily slurp Tyler’s rigid, thick dick down my throat. As I slurp and lick his rock-hard cock with wild wife intensely, he fucks my face. Meanwhile, my pussy gets wet and drips into my satin red panties. In that moment I realize just how badly I need to fuck this man. He strips me down until I’m wearing nothing but my lacy red thigh-high stockings and 4-inch stiletto pumps.

Oh Yes! this extramarital affair is happening.

After that, your coworker puts me on my hands and knees. I’m so eager to feel his swollen erection thrusting deep into my tight little fuckhole, I spread my legs wide. Tyler bends me over and slams his full length inside my pussy until his balls repeatedly slap my quivering cunt and tingling clit. After that, he flips me onto my back, and he then buries himself deep into my sweet asshole. Damn, it feels soooooo hot being a wild wife.

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