Do I embarrass you the way I dress, sweetie? Does it bother you that mommy is so hot and dresses like a whore? Or do you get hot under the collar? Does it gross you out when mommy bends over and her skirt goes up over her ass or does it turn you on? When mommy walks around the house in her see-through, low-cut lace bra do you turn your head away and cover your eyes or do you imagine what it would feel like to slide your cock between my big, sweaty tits? Let’s face it, your cock gets so hard when you look at your SLUTTY MOMMY.

Mommy knows you want her. I see you watching me when I come out of the shower. Why do you think I leave the bathroom door cracked open so wide, silly boy? I know you can see me from across the hall. I know you stand there and watch my naked reflection in the bathroom mirror. Why do you think I stand in that spot and rub my body lotion? I know you can see me and I know that your cock gets rock hard for me. I’ve caught a glimpse or two of you stroking your huge cock.

That’s when I sit on the edge of the tub, drop my towel on the floor, let my tits hang out, spread my legs wide open so you can see how pink my pussy is and rub the inside of my thighs.

I fantasize about your rock-hard cock sliding between my thighs and rubbing up and down my clit.

“Hey sweetie, do you want to come in and put some lotion on mommy’s back? Oh, that’s right baby…come closer. I know you want to touch my tits. Here… let me pour some lotion in your hands….now rub your hands together…..and slide your hands on mommy’s tits….that’s right, baby…..oh….yes….squeeze mommy’s nipples…oh that feels so good…’re a good boy.”

Feeling your hands on my tits gets my pussy wet. I spread my legs even wider and say, “Honey, you missed a spot.” You slide your hand down my tits and across my stomach and up and down my clit. Oh, baby, mommy loves how you finger my clit. Oh, you want to lick my clit? Yes baby, lick it good and suck the juice out of my pussy. “Oh baby,  you’re getting mommy so hot. Mommy’s going to take you in my bedroom and have my way with you. I have plans for that cock of yours”.

Mommy Phone Sex

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