I’m Your Sex Slave!


I want you to have your way with me. I want to give over complete control to you, Master. Do whatever you want to me. I’m yours, I belong to you. Use me up, then toss me away. I’ll be grateful just to have been in your presence, to have felt your touch on my skin. I’m your sex slave, your everything, your nothing. I’m whatever you want me to be. 

I stand before you as your sex slave and give myself over to you. I have no idea what kind of forbidden sinful sex I’m in for, but I’m up for all of it. I’m anxious yet eager for anything you wish to bestow upon me. You approach me with a black silk blindfold in your hands then cover my eyes and tie it tight behind my head. I’m in total darkness now and in your complete and utter control. My breathing quickens as I await your next move. 

Suddenly, I feel you grab at the top of my dress with both hands. In one swift, rough move you tear my dress down the middle. I hear the material rip apart and feel it pull away from my body. My torn dress falls to the floor and I stand there before you in my lacy white bra and thong panties. My entire body shivers with anticipation of your next move, your next touch. 

What Do You Have Planned for Your Sex Slave?

Next, your large hands forcefully tear off my bra and my little thong is torn off me roughly. I can feel your gaze across every inch of my naked body. Suddenly, your hands are on me, gripping and smacking my ass. Your mouth and tongue are all over my hard nipples. Your fingers are inside me, my mouth, my pussy, my ass. The only thing I can hear is my heavy breathing and moans that can’t help but escape my mouth. The intensity of being your sex slave overwhelms all of my senses. I feel like I’m nothing and everything all at once. 

Then you pull away from me and I can only imagine you’re trying to decide how you want to fuck me first. Then to my surprise, you gently take my hand and guide me through your house and down a flight of stairs. I can feel the temperature drop and I assume we are now in your basement. Before I realize what is happening, my wrists are tied to ropes. Now, I can only move a few inches in any direction. I’m at your complete mercy. 

I’m All Yours

Suddenly, I’m aware of subtle noises and movements by what sounds like other people in the basement with us. Then I hear the whispering of at least five other men. That’s when it dawns on me, you want to watch your sex slave be used by a group of men…

I can barely contain my excitement as I feel multiple hands on my body, a mouth on my neck, a hand gliding up my thighs, fingers sliding up my ass. Soon I can even feel hard cocks against my body, throbbing with the thrill of having their way with me. 

Suddenly, one man decides it’s time to fuck so he lifts me off the ground and glides his thick cock inside my tight wet pussy. I gasp as his massive cock slides deeper and deeper inside me. He bounces me on his cock as I feel another cock push inside my asshole.

The next few hours are a blur of ecstasy and countless cum loads. I have no idea how many different cocks were in all my holes. I lost track of how many cum loads were blown inside me and all over me. And that’s what I love about being your sex slave, I never know what to expect. The only thing I dare ask of you is, when can we do it again?


Call your sex slave, Ramona, and tell me what you’re going to do to me next time! 


Call Ramona 1-888-440-7462

Mature Phone Sex with Ramona from PSK