Your powerful, sexy Mistress wants you on your knees


As your powerful and sexy Mistress I wanna feel the orgasm shoot through me, I tremble with a sigh. “Mmm, you did a good job. You are getting better at working that tongue.” I tell my young stud. He came to me the day he became an adult, wanting me to teach him how to be the perfect lover. Little did he know, he was going to be worshipping me daily. “In fact, you have pleased me many times over the last week. I think you deserve a reward.”

“Yes please, my powerful, sexy Mistress” So he says to me, his voice trembling with desire. One stipulation to my training was that he had to disclose all of his secret, naughty fetishes to me. That way I could use them as rewards or punishments. “Go grab the nylons,” I tell him as he trembles with excitement. He rushes across the room to grab a pair of black nylons.

“ Put it on!” Then I tell him as I hold my foot out. He slides first one and then the other on, his hands caressing my skin as he does so. “Suck!” I tell him as I shove my toes into his mouth. He sucks my toes and kisses my feet, getting the nylons wet. He moves to the other foot, and I shove my toes deeper into his mouth, making him gag. I pull my foot away and start playing with his hard cock.

“You want to fuck my foot pussy, don’t you slave?”

“Oh yes my powerful, sexy Mistress, please,” he says as he looks at me with hungry eyes. I place my feet together and allow him to fuck my feet, sliding his hard cock in and out of the little pussy my feet make. His sweet moans with every thrust were music to my ears. Just when I see the pre-cum seeping out of the top of his cock, I pull my feet away. I laugh as I listen to his whimper. I place my foot back into his mouth, before making him remove the nylon with his teeth.

So I tell him to turn around once he’s removed the nylon from his powerful and sexy Mistress he turns around on all fours, his ass bare to me. I lean over his backside, my finger playing with his tender hole. “Wrap my nylon around your cock and stroke it, slave, while I have some fun back here,” I say with a chuckle. Such a pretty, strong ass he has. I lean down so I can slide my tongue along his asshole. Getting it wet for what was about to happen. As I slide my finger inside him, I tell him,  “So tight, my dear.  But it won’t be for long.”

I hear his gasp before I start finger fucking him. “Do not cum until I tell you to, slave,” I command, as I start squeezing his balls with my other hand. I slowly add another finger, then another. Finally thrusting 3 fingers deep inside his ass, wiggling and playing with him. Harder and harder, I lean over his back, my mouth at his ear, “What do you want? Tell me” I whisper.

“More, my powerful, sexy Mistress, Please.”

So he begs me. Now I chuckle before I slide my tongue along the edge of his ear. “You’ve pleased me well, so I will return the favor,” I say. Leaning back again, I slide my nylon-clad foot over his asshole. My toe wiggled along the entrance. He gasps out as I push my toe into him, fucking him with my toes. Next,  I slid another toe inside him. Moving my toes inside his ass, shoving them in and out in perfect unison with his strokes on his cock.

“Cum for me now, Slave!” I say and he explodes into the nylons. He collapses on the floor, forcing my toes to slide out and making him shiver. So now I lean over him, “Are you happy, my slave?” I ask. He gives me his sweet smile before saying, “Yes, my powerful and sexy Mistress, I am very happy.” So I can’t help but smile at him, “Good, rest for a little bit before you clean up your mess, then come show me thanks properly.” Then I tell him as I stand up. He leans forward and kisses my toes, “Yes, Mistress”.

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