She doesn’t know your dark desires. Your secrets. That thing she does sometimes that turns you on..
Maybe when she wears her heels around the house a little too long & you can’t control yourself. You can’t hold back. You need to fuck here where she stands, as she puts those heels over your shoulders, into your back. Or maybe she doesn’t know how much you need to get fucked sometimes. You want her to come home one day with a strap-on & put you in your place. Sometimes, guys can be so dominant in their daily lives..they need a release. You need to be put in your place and shown that your cock belongs to her.

So many guys, so many secrets. I know you need release sometimes…and that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to listen to all the little things that turn you on. The secrets that the rest of the world doesn’t know. I’ll use it to tease you, torture you.. keep you on the edge for me, falling in lust with me. Your cock will be all mine by the time I’m done with you.. Making you so weak that you can’t hold back, you can’t keep your hands off your cock. I know how weak I can make you. I can get anything out of you.. and I’ll take control of it all.
You’ve probably had a girlfriend or two, but I bet you’ve never had a Mistress blackmail you like I can.. not when I weasel every little bit of information out of you. You’ll give me everything I need to turn your world upside down…if you’re a bad boy.
Be good for me, and maybe I’ll spare you. Maybe I’ll be sweet, gentle..getting you off when you need it most. Or I’ll be the teasing little bitch that puts you on the edge and forbids you from cumming. Your entire orgasm will revolve around me, and you can’t do anything about it. Not while I’m the one who knows how to get you off the best…

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting