Your Dirty Little Secret.


I need to be your dirty little secret. You know the one you think about and get hard while she’s asleep right next to you. She has no idea that you’re thinking naughty thoughts about someone else or that you put your hands under the sheet and stroke it for me. Do you think she knows when you dump that load in her that it’s meant for me? Giggle. But, be careful, Honey. Don’t whisper my name in her ear. I can tell you right now, she’d be really mad! Especially, if she sees your phone!

So, take care to wipe your dirty little secret clean from it every day. Don’t leave evidence behind anything that can point her directly to me! Erase, erase, erase. Plus, if she gets a gander at these tits? Oh, Baby! Game over! I have way more than most other phone sex girls you have EVER spoken with. I am real, and personal, and I can really hear you. No bitching, no moaning (well, unless we’re getting AT it! LOL.). No making you feel like less of the man you truly are! Get free and let it all go.

You HAVE A Dirty Little Secret. You KNOW You Do!

So, stop denying your dirty little secret and tell it to someone. And, who better to share it with than me? I’m a secrets keeper by nature. I live for them. But, more than that, I LOVE looking into the eyes of women as they stroll down the aisles at the market. Oh, how angry and disappointed they look. Lives that are unfulfilled by their own design. They just LOVE blaming you, don’t they? Although, you never bent to her will.

Moreover, she didn’t know you still kept your dirty little secret would bubble to the top. She denied you her services like a punishment and herself too. But, she thought it was worth it as long as she made you suffer. I wonder how long she thought it would take until you just gave up on everything. She never gave thought to another woman (ME) wanting you. Well, she couldn’t have thought more wrong! Then, I cam along to love on you and the whole world shited.

So, that’s where the anger set in and you became the target of her discontent, huh?

So, now is the time to take your dirty little secret! It’s yours and no one can keep you from it. Not this time! It has nothing to do with payback. But, more to do with your freedom. How much longer will you go to bed at night feeling empty? I am ready to give it all to you. Take my tiny pussy and ass. Take my throat and drown me with your affections. Know that I want it. I need it too. Pleasure yourself knowing that I crave it.

I’m talking phone sex line crossing…Will you risk it all? Then, tell me your dirty little secret and hear mine. Let me hear your lips smacking as you feed on my sinfully sweet pineapple juices and pleasure me with the sound of you swallowing me as if you can absorb me into your body. But, don’t worry, Baby… I want to savor your juices and swallow you whole too! So, the next time I pass her while doing the grocery shopping, I can give her that faint smile that makes her wonder what secret I’m keeping. LOL.

I Have A Dirty Little Secret Too!

And my dirty little secret… is YOU! But, it’s not one I will ever let anyone else in on. Shh. It’s just between us. Let me suck your dick and lick your balls; kiss you like we’re back in high school, and let our hearts pound with desire not felt in years! Hold me in your arms and do what you’ve been dreaming about. Then, go back to work grinning like a Cheshire Cat with the best fantasies EVER! So, call me, and let’s get this party started today!

Kiss, kiss.

Just Joey

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