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Don’t worry, I like to tease first. Slowly placing my fingertips on the head of your cock. Running them down and then back up. Doing it over and over again. Your balls look like they are full of cum! Beg for me to start stroking your cock. When I do, you let out a big moan. You love that, don’t you? I spit right on the tip and with the stroking now your cock is all lubed up with my saliva. This just makes me want to stroke you faster and faster.

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I take a break from your stroking to take off my bra. My big tits are free and every time my hand goes down your dick as I stroke, the head of your penis touched my nipples. You love that don’t you? I love to watch you struggle with pleasure. As I slow down and then pick up the pace you moan laughter. You take your hands and push my tits together. Maybe I’ll even add a little edging. Slowing down, then stroking faster. Tell me, are you ready to cum yet?

I keep doing this over and over again, your young wife loves to be in control! But I can see your balls are aching. You now have my permission, cum for me. Cum all over my tits. Your hot, sticky mess goes everywhere.

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